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  • Category: Photo
  • Published by: Stanley Kuo ?
  • Size: 15.9 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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    v. (2014/6/28) : 1. Add the support of https to access Flickr. Flickr will stop the support of http.


Sport.MotoGP is a simple slideshow app for Windows 8 Metro style UI. It uses your internet connection to retrieve pictures from the Flickr photo sharing service of Yahoo using its API and then shows the pictures on screen sequentially. Each picture will be shown on screen for at least 10 seconds. This time interval can be configurable by the user. The app will retrieve another set of pictures after all the pictures has been shown. Sport.MotoGP is free to use and provided as-is. It also uses your internet connection to provide in-app advertising. It will be appreciated to press the Ad control to support this app. Except to browse many excellent photos about MotoGP, the user can also press the wiki button on AppBar to navigate to the wiki web page for an introduction to MotoGP. This is a very excellent introduction for MotoGP, the user can learn about the organization and history of MotoGP from it. User can also press the reference page button on AppBar to navigate to the Flickr web page that the photo is from. User can follow it or post a comment on it. Besides these, this app also supports many basic functions of a slideshow. User can go to the next photo, go to the previous photo, save the photo or share the photo with other apps. It does not require a flickr account. So it will not collect or store any user related information. It retrieves and shows the pictures and related information from flickr, it will not store, sell or exchange any of picture related information. It will not expose any user or picture related information. Before you start to run it, you must make sure that you have the internet access. It is used to access the flickr service. The usage of the app is very easy, just download and run it. The app is designed according to the design guideline of app for Windows 8 store. The usage of its appbar and charm bar obey the guideline from Microsoft. If there is any problem about how to use the app, please refer to the help document that located in the settings charm of the app. The privacy statement is located in the settings charm. If you have any question or suggestion, please send a mail to me. My mail box is support.stkuo@gmail.com. Images are copyright to their respective owners. Flickr is a trademark of Yahoo Inc.


  • Retrieve pictures from flickr.
  • Show the pictures sequentially and continuously.The time interval between two consecutive pictures is changeable.
  • Show the pictures and properties sequentially and continuously.
  • Resize the pictures. It is configurable.
  • Trasition effects when the slideshow changes the picture. It is configurable.
  • Search for the pictures. The search is based on picture's title, description and tags.
  • Share or sync the current picture with other apps.
  • Save the current picture.
  • Set the current picture as the lock screen background image.
  • Support the standard features of appbar and charm bar.
  • Set the current picture as the tile image.