Spy Escape Mission

you are a spy commando and your senior want to go another country to take a secrete mission(in your country some other country take mission in your country you can kill the enemies and fail the mission of other terroriste ) . its first person shooting .. you are a brave solider and fight with worst enemies they modern guns and mines in thier secrete places...you have also use different and modern guns but use in differenst level and different guns as well as . you have 4 missions and your life time in every mission is too short Mission 1 : release your self from antagonist Mission 2: purloin the data in 3 mints from antagonist secret place Mission3: survive yourself for confidential mission Mission 4: destroy the antagonist unknown place and free your country


  • 1st Person Shooting Game
  • 100% Free
  • Best Control and GUI

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27 November 2015

I always wanted to be a spy now I pretty much am.I have learned so much spy stuff from this game.THANKYOU!!!!!!!!