Star Shipping Inc.

Travel through space and get rich with Star Shipping Inc. Visit the new frontier colonies and battle space monsters and pirates in your quest to be the number one space trader the galaxy have ever known. Take the role of the captain of of a cargo ship traveling between star systems to trade goods and commodities in strive to become the richest star ship captain in the galaxy. Your weapon is a mighty cargo ship that has to defend itself against space pirates, monsters and other less-than-friendly encounters. Star Shipping is a turn based, strategy game, where in each turn your choices and a number of events and encounters can happen, affecting the outcome of the entire game. When you play, choose your strategy well, and think twice before every journey, your choice between playing with a ship that's fast, or one that is large, or strong makes the game totally different, and it's all your choice. Play at your own pace, as unlike many other games today, this one offers the player a mental challenges that doesn't rely on the ability to hit stuff on the screen, and doesn't require you to be 100% focus on the game at all times, instead you can play at your own pace, and use your economical planning skills and your intellect to trade various commodities between stars, and climb up the score ladder as you accomplish your goal of becoming the richest space captain in the galaxy. Quotes from players: "It's like solitaire, in space." "Totally addictive" "Takes a few game sessions to fully realize the full potential of the game, but when you do, it's awesome!" Star shipping features high resolution beautiful space backdrops, planets, aliens, nebulae, space ships, items, and characters. Features Include: - Beautiful graphic set in a space age universe. - Clever economy system that keeps you from being too greedy. - Mass amount of events to keep you sharp as you travel. - Encounter space monsters, bandits, and pirates who will try to kill you. - Choose from several types of ships to maximize your strategy. - Visit the shop to upgrade your vessel, so you’ll be the mightiest cruiser to have ever sail the frontiers. - Defend yourself with battle drones or newly bought weapons. - Tons of achievement and ranks to discover for high replay value. - Random colonies and commodities that will sometimes make you laugh. - Easter Eggs. - Made by two guys, but not from Andromeda.


  • Space
  • Startegy
  • Commerce
  • Economy
  • Fun

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27 May 2015

So give yourself time to try. The developer's website does not seem active, so don't expect improvements. It is interesting.. still exploring..


11 November 2014

Pros: •Emulates realism of life in that you can die easy if you don't plan •Has simple economic trading system •Straightforward ability to upgrade ship •Banking system to save your in-game funds •Random events to keep journeys interesting Cons •No beginner assistance: you have to figure out game without a tutorial or some missions to get you started •Not a lot of variety of destinations •Upgrade items for ship, banking funds, cargo, etc disappear when you restart game •No visible difference between trial and purchased game This is a quick review based upon one game in the trial and two games in the purchased version over a 25 minute timespan.


15 October 2014

I like this game. It has a few glitches, like the option to buy upgrade tokens while refueling. It doesn't do anything when you click on it. So you end up not being able to upgrade your ship during the game except for the tokens you earn at the end of the game. But if they keep working on the game could be a real time passer.