S T A R F L E E T 2 0 1 5 StarFleet Battle Simulator Federation Constitution Class StarFleet 2015 is a computer-simulated battle. Clash with enemy Klingon battlecruisers D7 Class or new D9 Class; armed with Romulan equipped Plasma Torpedos. Use the same strategies that captain James T Kirk used. Control a Federation vessel similar to the Enterprise; a computer program directs the enemy. All distances are measured in megameters, one million meters (abbreviated `M'). Speed is expressed in `Warp Factors'. Each warp factor equals 100M per second. All angles are expressed in common degrees from zero to 360, measured clockwise from the x-axis, similar to reading a protractor. Only two dimensions are used. Play is as follows: 1. You issue one of a number of commands ( fire phasers, change course, launch antimatter pods, surrender, etc.) by selecting the appropriate command; 2. The enemy, under programmed instructions, issues a similar command; 3. Both your commands are executed ( phasers are fired, probes are launched, damages are assessed, courses changed, etc.) while the vessels move through space; 4. Unless certain end-game conditions are met: you destroy the enemy, the enemy destroys you, you out-maneuver the enemy, you both destroy each other; the above steps are repeated. The following is a list of codes which can be used while in the command mode aboard your ship: CODE COMMAND =========== F /PH FIRE PHASERS F /TRPT FIRE PHOTON TORPEDOS L-PH LOCK PHASERS L-TRPT LOCK TORPEDO TUBES LAP LAUNCH ANTIMATTER PROBES APC ANTIMATTER PROBE CNTRL RSH RAISE SHIELDS LSH LOWER SHIELDS L/NTRPT LOAD UNLOAD TORP TUBES HLM HELM-COURSE SPEED TP SET TORPEDO PARAM PW POWER DISTRIBUTION


  • v2015 Features Klingon D9 Class Warships armed with Plasma Torpedos
  • Vector Graphics / Fast Action Strategy Gaming / Computer Directs up to 9 Klingon Enemy Ships / Classic 70s Algorthims
  • Time based Vector Strategy Gaming - [1/8] 0.125 warp second Animate Tactical Display**
  • Touch Screen Interface For Microsoft Surface Tablets