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    4 July 2013 Fixed a problem with printing reports 30 June 2013 Financial and Range series now support Filters and Conditions properties The Format property is added for Chart.SeriesLabels The new DrillDown parameter SeriesTitle is added Four new styles of Charts 4 May 2013 Full support for Portuguese language was added 16 April 2013 Added support for functions used to create a new report on the Start Page of the application. Made some minor optimizations. 10 April 2013 Add: Undo/Redo function which can be enabled in the application settings 2 April 2013 Added localization into Chinese traditional and simplified for the list of reports. Fixed a problem with the program error when the report viewer is open, after the sleep mode of the application. Fixed an isssue with missing selection of the component and disappearing properties of the selected component in the properties panel after passing through the pages of the designer. The problem when working in the designer with the dictionary was fixed Fixed a problem with saving the ResetPageNumber property of the StiGroupHeaderBand component when saving a report. Improved displaying the parameters dialog in the report viewer. The Filters property in the PropertyGrid always has “No Filters” regardless whether it is set or not. Added 4 new styles in charts. Updated reports in the category "Charts".

Stimulsoft Designer

We are glad to offer a report designer for building reports. Stimulsoft Reports for the AppStore is specifically developed for the Touch technology! We make work with reports more comfortable and ergonomic. The application supports 21 themes and 27 localizations.


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15 July 2015

The app is totally great. My problem is how you add the text. I don't really get it and it's hard to do which is why the 4 stars.


22 June 2015

Date : 06/21/2015 Shift : 10:00 hours-16:00 hours. 10.00am. Reported on Duty 10.15am. Check on cars that Park in 30 min zone 10.30am. Shopping center parking make a walk-through In the back Safeway there's a lot of trash 11.35am. Check on cars that park in the 30 minute. Zone 11.45am. Make a walk-through of all the stores 1.35pm. Check on cars that park in the 30 minute zone 1.55pm. Shopping center parking make a walk-through 4.00pm. Check on cars that park in the 30 minute zone 5.10pm. Make a walk-through all the stores 6.00pm. Off Duty. None unusual occurrence to report. Patrol Special Officer Jon Adamson. Sent from my iPhone


27 February 2015

hard time figuring things out


15 February 2015

This Apps Help Us In Conviniences Way.. Thank You..


19 January 2015

Wow. I am just amazed by this program. I stumbled across this while changing the environment on my PC. I am impressed with the capabilities this program offers and am looking forward to using it in my day to day life and implementing it in my business tasks. Great program . Great idea.


18 January 2015

This app does the reports http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/2b058a35-46e1-4e2e-9dd6-9fff3d2285da


10 November 2014

This would be better if there was a update for it because it is not that good and I think we should have to put in a password to get into it because I use it for a business and what happens if I get robed or hacked we could have all of our records out in the open and I would hate if that would ever happen to me so you should give update and make us have to put in a password


16 May 2014

This app is not worth your time. Either it is really hard to use or it just does not work! Trying to follow along with its online help led me nowhere. I couldn't setup a data source which kind of make a report generator quite useless. Hope you have better luck! I deleted it!


4 December 2013

i deleated it right after i got it!!!!!!!!!! kindof hard to use when u cant do any thing on it..


16 October 2013

this app sticks it is so hard to under stand

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