Stinky Monsters

There are monsters in your house, they are coming out of the closets, and they stink!!! These cute and spooky creatures will not attack you, since they don’t behave too badly. But I don’t think you will be able to stand their stinkyness for too long. Fortunately, you discover that they are afraid of water … yep just plain H2O will do it. So grab your water gun and shoot them back to where they came from. I hope you are able to make it before you passed out from the smell. The game contains many monster classes and several rooms to fight them. There are 2 modes to play, story mode with many monster waves and endless mode to see how far you can go before passing out. You can control your water gun using the D-pad, just swiping on the screen, and with your keyboard (in case you play it on a PC). Also, you can adjust the camera shooting button (left/right), and enable vibration for ending effects (if available on your device). So go ahead, enjoy this unique monster shooting action game, and see how many monster waves you can stand! NOTE: More monsters and rooms on the way …


  • The game contains many cute/spooky monsters to fight in the different rooms of your house
  • Play story or endless mode
  • 3 controls, device motion sensors (Accelerometer / Compass), D-pad, and swiping
  • Adjust your shooting button (left/right).

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24 December 2014

Great and fun game!


18 November 2014

I like this game, the little monsters are so cute and fun to splash them.


17 November 2014

Super fun game. It starts slow in the initial monsters waves but as you keep going it gets more difficult and additive. Its a clean not violent shooter for everyone.