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    -Save home location added. -Shortcut to unit options by clicking on temp unit on hub.


Storm provides fresh forecasts for the entire world, you have over 8 million locations to choose from. The forecasts are 15 days ahead and give you all the details, hour by hour. The user interface is simple, intuitive and fast: Go forward in time and see the details above. You can also check the weather on an interactive map: Radar shows you where precipitation has fallen in the last hour, and you can see how the cloud cover, precipitation and temperature will evolve in time. Your locations can be saved as tiles on the home screen. It shows places with forecasts one hour ahead. Storm is created by StormGeo, the world's largest private meteorological institute.


  • 15 day forecast for over 8 million locations worldwide.
  • You can save your locations as tiles. The tiles appear along with forecasts one hour ahead, and is the shortcut to the full 15-days notice.
  • Daily Overview 15 days ahead, detailed hour-by-hour forecasts 72 hours ahead, and six-hour forecasts in the last 12 days.
  • Weather maps with radar which shows where precipitation has fallen in the last six hours.
  • You can choose to display temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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14 March 2016

cant make my city work on this page


30 October 2015

Totally worthless


3 March 2015

not useful


7 January 2015



24 February 2014

The maps in this app have a ton of issues. For one, they don't always load the content...often you only get one layer, and a patchy layer at that (not all tiles load.) Zooming in and out results in very laggy updates to the resolution of the information shown. Animations are extremely choppy, and the tiles do not seem to be cached...so each time through the animation loop, you end up having to wait while tiles download...effectively rendering the animations useless. At first I did not think there was a way to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, however I eventually found the option buried in the windows 8 settings area in the charms bar. I really see no reason that the option to switch has to be buried like that, there is MORE than PLENTY of room on the top and bottom swipe bars to put in a button to swap between the two. The rest of the app, while it works, is just a bit too simplistic...the functionality just doesn't seem to beat what already comes with Windows 8.


8 November 2013

I tried this app despite some of the reviews. It couldn't find my area, let alone my actual town, or even the closest city. Shame, because it seemed like it would be a good app.


5 October 2013

How do I change to farenheight


30 September 2013

OK I Downloaded and I still get a message telling me to update whaaaaaat? one star


29 September 2013

NOW I'm ready for a heck of a storm. Time to go to the basement and cut down the trees and be ready because I know that I'm ready I'm Cody bye


20 September 2013

Great App!! I love it

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