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    StoryTeller is born! Facebook account is required to use this app.

StoryTeller - Social Stories

Ready to hear some cool stories about yourself and your friends? StoryTeller connects to your facebook account and shows you statistics in form of cool stories! What information do we collect? StoryTeller: Social Stories requires a facebook account. Upon login, the app would download information from your profile and your friends' profiles, included but not limited to wall statuses, friends list, relationship status, family relationships, posts, comments, photos, videos and geo-tagging information. WE DO NOT COLLECT YOUR FACEBOOK CREDENTIALS Your login is safe. What do we do with the information? This information may be cached on the device running the app for speed purposes. How do we safeguard the information? Any collected data is used as a cache for performance purposes only and is never communicated outside of the device. Any data is deleted from the device if the user chooses to log off the application. User sessions and cached data have a maximum timeframe before being automatically deleted once this timeframe is over, even if the user does not explictly log off. The user is then requested to login again. NO USER DATA IS SENT TO ANY SERVER OR DEVICE Do we disclose any information to outside parties? No information is disclosed to our servers/devices or outside parties. If in the future we decide to add functionality that may communicate data outside of the device where the app is running, the user will be explicitly asked for permission. StoryTeller was built in a weekend, as part of a Microsoft sponsored hackathon at the Microsoft Innovation Center, Malta in December 2013. We hope to win the best app award!


  • Connects to your facebook account.
  • Story Selector - Choose which cool story you want to view.
  • My Lifestyle - Learn about your activity and lifestyle patterns.
  • Meme Me! - See your friends posts come to life with memes!
  • This app requires an internet connection.