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    NEW FEATURES in this release: Manage your courses and timetable through a Rotating Weekly (Week A/Week B) cycle format.

Student Manager

The STUDENT MANAGER will keep you on track with your Courses, Tasks and Exams. Alerts allow you to never forget your task due dates or upcoming exams. A daily dashboard view of your workload helps you to plan, execute and achieve your goals. Easy to use, works with a keyboard and mouse, and designed for the new Microsoft Windows 8 Touch user interface to give you a great experience. A fully functional 30 days trial is available.


  • Set your Task and Exam alert preferences, and default Course settings.
  • An automatic daily dashboard view of your Courses, Tasks and Exams.
  • Grab a sneak peak of your future daily dashboard views to help you plan ahead, or look back at previous days.
  • View your weekly timetable of Courses by day in either a 5 days or 7 days format.
  • Manage your Courses, Tasks and Exams through easy to use search, add, edit and delete functions.
  • A Help Guide including notes and tips.
  • Date format customizable via the Windows Control Panel.
  • Overdue tasks are highlighted as Past Due within the Dashboard.
  • Submit Tasks directly from the Dashboard.
  • Complete Exams directly from the Dashboard.
  • Manage your courses and timetable through a 1 – 10 days rotating cycle format.
  • Manage and integrate Events and Holidays within the Dashboard and Weekly View.
  • Manage your courses and timetable through a Rotating Weekly (Week A/Week B) cycle format.

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4 March 2015

I really love how this planner works. Its extremely user friendly. The only thing is, I wish it showed the dates of everyday as if you're looking at a real planner in person. This just says the days of the week with whatever your schedule is.


29 March 2014

I just realized that the dates come up, day/month/year, I find that weird. Is there a way to change it so it comes up Month/Day/Year. I do like this app, though! I will most likely purchase it! Sorry for the bad review before, it took me a second to catch on what was happening! I like the layout of this app and find it helpful in my doctorate course work!