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  • Published by: Stephen Toub ?
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  • Supported processors: x64
  • Language: English (United States)
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  • Notes:
    This minor update includes fixes for rare crashes encountered by a few users.

Sudoku Classic

A modern Sudoku game, with unlimited, randomly generated puzzles at multiple levels of difficulty. Play the way you want, using a pen, keyboard, touch, or mouse to input your answers.


  • Unlimited, randomly generated puzzles at multiple levels of difficulty from which to choose
  • Support for playing the game via touch, pen, mouse, and/or keyboard. Input via inking, buttons, or keyboard.
  • Sharing and printing of puzzles
  • Optional hints to guide you when you get stuck, including detailed solving technique information
  • Automatic and manual note-taking lets you track which numbers should still be considered in each cell
  • In-progress games automatically saved for continuing later
  • Live tiles to keep you informed of your progress
  • Custom background images to let you play in the style of your choosing
  • Optional sounds to enliven game play
  • Load and save puzzles from and to .sdk files, as well as from and to the clipboard

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9 November 2015

Had Sudoku automatically on PC when purchased a year ago. Had to have everything reinstalled after a crash and now Sudoku is no longer available by just clicking on the "Other Games". I just tried downloading Sudoku from Microsoft Store, and screen says it is installed, but all I get is more instructions and can't open any Sudoku games.


22 October 2015

Needs the kinks ironed out.


11 October 2015

I like this game very much and play many times a day. Vera V.


11 July 2015

Easy to make mistake when swapping cell entry mode; Game grid too large. Make it scalable, please . Options, new game, undo, etc could be on the same screen instead of requiring swipe. Good variety of game difficulty but 'easy' games


13 May 2015

You have to manually set all the pencil marks, including removing marks when you set the value that invalidates a mark. Tedious!!


4 January 2015

Great Sudoku option. All the options are wonderful and nice to have, and the pen makes it even better. No sound effects, no highlighting, no notes. Wonderful.


25 June 2014

My favorite win 8 app. Works very well.


20 June 2014

Have used many Sudoku games. This one isn't worth the time.


19 May 2014

Froze the first time I played it.


8 April 2014

At least for the MS Surface Pros this software has a huge flaw. Once a puzzle is finished, the only way to go to a new puzzle is to close the program completely and then reopen it. Otherwise the completed puzzle just twirls around on the screen 4-ever! I like the game but honestly it is not very user friendly to play more than 1 puzzle.

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