Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. Now from Newspapers to Windows Phone practice your skills anywhere. - Randomly generated levels of different complexity - Unique solution for each level. All the levels are generated randomly and each generated puzzle will have a unique solution. - Note taking functionality you can take notes in the puzzle. - 5 Levels of difficulty - Support resuming the game from the same place you left last time - Gets Hints for the Grid box - Level based Best Scores and Over-All best score - Level based Best Time - Total Game Time - Un-limited Trial Period - Added a Theme page to customize the Game themes - Background image can be changed - Tile Colors and Sudoku Grid Box Text Color can be changed - Cool animations - Game Mode selection v2.2 -added one more page to select Game Mode - Guru Mode all levels are available to play - Fresher Mode levels will be unlocked incrementally based on games won


  • Sudoku with your Style
  • Sudoku with a difference (5 levels, resuming app, hints, level based scores)

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30 August 2015

Enjoyable game, but hard to use on a touch screen. Wish the game was larger, and the margins smaller. Also find the twirling numbers distracting.


15 July 2015

Great has most all what I was looking for. Just wish it was simpler to start a game, Guru come on just let me pick the level I want to play don't need the Guru start up. I paid for it let me play it.


11 July 2015

I have played Sudoku on my phone and tablet before and would have liked to start at a higher level than very easy. But that being said I like the style and format.


9 July 2015

This app quits in the middle of the game and all of the work is lost and cannot be recovered. Re-launching it won't bring it back. You're are forced to play a new game..


27 May 2015

Tremendous fun! The game is addicting.


13 May 2015

This so great and easy! It has different levels of difficulty as well. Great fun and well made. No glitches ever!


8 April 2015

no problems.. Works right every time. Expert is the greatest.Plus+++No room for improvment


21 March 2015

best sudoku


20 March 2015

Great for clearing brain fog. Actually helps me sleep. Thanks again!


18 March 2015

Continually bugging for a 5 star rating... and I paid for this. Don,t buy it.

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