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  • Category: Games / Shooter
  • Published by: PhantomLight Games ?
  • Size: 37.8 MB
  • Supported processors: x64
  • Language: English (United States)
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    Version - Fixed Score from resetting to zero. Fixed some animation issues. Getting the game ready for extra stages. Added Windows Phone Leader board cross platform & Push Notification Support. Smaller File size under 40 MB.

Sun Carry It

Are you looking for a challenge? If so your at the right place. Reflexes and eye coordination will be tested. Be prepared to be amazed. If not for it's beautiful graphics, then it will be for the creative gameplay your about to engage into. With 3 stages to play through each with it's own unique challenges, You will have no choice but to smile. This game was created with 2 goals in mind. A game that's fun and have easy with intuitive controls. Tablet Users: Tap left side of the screen to jump. While in the air tap the screen again to shoot. Tap right side of the screen to jump. While in the air tap the screen again to shoot. Keyboard Users: Press the space key to shoot right. Press and hold down the left key while shooting to shoot left. Mouse users: Left Click to shoot right. Hold down the left arrow key and left click to shoot left. Shoot your way through the levels as your HP slowly diminishes. Every time you shoot your life decreases. You gain health buy destroying enemies on your first try. Think ahead, You will see as time passes, How you plan to attack can either help or lean you closer to death. 3 levels of fun, plus 3 difficulty modes to unlock, Each mode having totally different enemies with smarter AI. When it's all said and done you will come back for more. But the fun doesn't stop there. Sniper mode. In sniper mode you target a ball that is launched into the air. The goal here is to shoot at it and keep it from splashing into the water. Timing is everything. Each hit increments your points. If you miss depending on how much points you've accumulated your name and score will be submitted to an online leaderboard. If you are #1 on the leaderboards all players will get a notification of your success. This will only push others to beat your score! How long can you stay #1. This game supports Live Tiles & Push Notifications - Tell the you just bested a players top score. Online Global Leader boards - At times the world need may need a reminder of who's #1.


  • Game has been tested on both Windows 8 Desktops, Windows 8 Tablets
  • All Windows RT Devices.
  • Global Online Leader boards
  • 3 Modes to Unlock
  • Push notifications to everyone that's playing. Every will know who has the highest score.
  • Unique game play.
  • Easy Controls.

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4 August 2013

It glitches with my mouse and keyboard setup, sometimes clicking or pressing space bar doesn't allow you to jump. The concept is good though.


18 July 2013



10 July 2013

Hard at first but now I'm getting good at it! Definitely in my top 10!


9 July 2013

Interesting concept! Kills time. I like it! Get's addictive!