Super Hair & Make Up Salon - Cute Make Over Game For Girls

The Newest and Hottest Hair and Makeup Salon On The Block Is Now Open! Your brand new hair salon has opened its doors to the public, there is a BIG line of customers waiting to enter, you need to get to work FAST! Take care of their beauty needs as they need you to help make them look glamorous for their big party! The Princess Hair Salon has just opened its doors to everyone, a magical boutique awaits every customer who walks through the door, so your customers will ALWAYS count on the best care for their hair, to help make sure it stays long and shiny! Play a fun and interactive game where you have to prepare your customer for her hairstyle by taking her through the proper steps of getting her hair done. Start by washing her hair and then work your way to helping her choose a hairstyle that she likes. After our hairdressers have taken care of your beautiful hair, come to the beauty salon for your complimentary beauty treatment. The Princess Makeup Salon also ensures that only the best beauty experts come and take care of their customers! Another fun and interactive is waiting for you as you try different combinations of makeup to help make your client look as gorgeous as she can be before you can send her out the door! Over here, you can mix and match with different kinds of makeup starting from the eyebrows to your heels, ending the session with a beautiful pair of high-heel shoes to finish off your customers brand new look as they get ready to walk out the door! As the owner of the Princess Hair Salon, you have to play a series of interactive games to treat your customers like royalty and make them look their best all the time! While you also manage the Princess Makeup style , you have to give them a look to match their new hair! You will soon learn that running a busy hair salon is NOT easy and has MANY responsibilities! You will have to take care a lot of customers, very fast. Make sure you also capture your customers pictures after you have finished giving them a look that fits them, and share your creations with your friends on Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook! The game will help show you how much time and effort goes into taking care of one customer, so you will keep coming back for more and trying out new looks on different customers.