Local search just got a lot easier… and a lot more fun! With so many amazing new features, Superpages Local Search is more than just a yellow pages app. It's the next stage of local search evolution! TAKE OUR SEARCH WHEEL FOR A SPIN Our easy-to-spin wheel gives you instant access to major categories like Food, Movies, Stores, Services, Automotive, Health, and Travel. There's even an Urgent category for quick access to important categories and seasonal info. FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR… FAST! - Search through 200+ popular local business categories, quickly and easily. - Call or map any business with just a single tap. - Find people by name, city & state, or telephone reverse lookup. - "Urgent" category for quick access to important searches and seasonal info. - Select frequently searched categories from your personalized favorites. - Save people and business contact info directly within the app. SHOP SMART AND SAVE The Superpages Local Search app serves up money-saving offers from local restaurants, boutiques, repair shops, and more.


  • Easily find business contact information
  • See pictures and videos from business
  • Share business details through social media
  • Discover quality service providers in my area

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1 November 2015

Works great, I rely on it 100%


8 July 2015

Quickly and easily finds the phone number and addresses of the topic you're looking for.


6 July 2015

Obviously I am, since I'm posting this rating. So any feature that detects my location is a garbage feature--as far as it concerns me. Great if it works for other people, but not so great for me. I guess it doesn't universally offer the same features to everyone equally. But I'll continue to check it out, if it'll let me....


20 May 2015

Love this service but I like it so much, I wish (this app)t would support the wide tile


8 May 2015

Very useful


5 December 2014

I used to use this app a lot, but it doesn't work anymore. Keep waiting for an update to fix the problem, but there doesn't appear to be one in site. :( Will update to 5 stars if you can getting it working again.


1 December 2014

Now it doesn't. All's I get is a picture of the category and that's it. When it did worked I liked this app very much - Please fix. Update - No fix, uninstalled


5 November 2014

was but then it stop hate it


4 November 2014

Great app for keeping track of your local activities!


13 September 2014

Really helpful in finding local businesses. Love it!!

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