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    New Reverb Effect – In addition to the three existing slider-controlled effects EQ, Delay, and Volume, we've added a new effect: reverb. Change Slider Effects Assignments – You can now easily change which of the four available effects are assigned to the three hardware sliders, and the assignments are saved within each song. Preservation of Recorded Effects Curves – Unique combinations of effects can be recorded on the whole mix and individual tracks, and the effects you’ve recorded are preserved if you swap or change the slider assignments. Minor fixes and improvements

Surface Music Kit

Go beyond listening. Surface Music Kit gives you the tools to remix music in an entirely new way. Just click the Music Cover into your Surface*, install the app, and start creating music in your style. Choose the parts of a song (stems) you like, from popular and emerging talent, to your own imported samples and sounds. Automatic key and rhythm matching means you don’t need to be a pro to sound like one. Make remixes that you’ll be proud to share. You need a limited edition Music Cover to register your app. To find out how to get one, check out the Surface Remix Project at http://surfaceremixproject.com. *Music Cover is compatible with Surface 2, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 2.


  • Use licensed songs from popular artists as well as emerging talent, across a variety of genres. Choose from high quality remix elements to help you create your signature sound.
  • The Surface Music Kit’s powerful matching feature helps you easily choose which sounds and samples work best with each other.
  • The Music Kit automatically matches beats per minutes (BPM) and musical key for seamless mixing, regardless of your ability.
  • Pressure-sensitive pads and sliders on the Music Cover can be assigned to control parts of songs, loops, instruments, vocals, hooks, and beats. Sliders adjust volume and FX.
  • Easily export your creation to MP3, lossless WAV and lossless WMA. Enter contests in the #RemixProject to win prizes using your remixes.
  • Share your work through the Windows Share charm.

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2 January 2015

This app doesn't respond to the music cover anymore since the last update in November. I have had 3 music cover replacements since and am convinced it is a software problem. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?


24 October 2014

I really like what Microsoft started here, unfortunately it hasn't changed much since its inception. I would love to see some added features like a way to add batches of sounds and libraries, and maybe some customization on the buttons and sliders. It would be nice to be able to get rid of the download more section which randomly cycles blank tiles, and I would love to be able to upload cover art for my own saved files. So far so fun though!


7 August 2014

Should allow to take snips of content from Xbox Music, short enough to not violate copyright, though. Also, cover is very hard to come by, I think only 500 produced. Got mine on eBay, they have one up for bidding every once in a while.


18 April 2014



15 April 2014

I'm sure this app would be great if Microsoft actually sold the Music Kit Cover. I spoke to their support and they stated that the cover was yet to go on sale. I really question the validity of the rest of these reviews. Can someone tell me how they got a music cover?


12 April 2014

cool app with rubbish icon................


8 March 2014

Read the description before you install the app. It is ONLY compatible with Surface Pro, Surface 2, and Surface Pro 2 devices, AND requires a Surface Music Kit keyboard, rather than your average QWERTY keyboard. I tried installing it on my Surface RT and it told me that my device is not compatible.


18 February 2014

Why can this not be used on the original surface. The surface 1 and the surface 2 are almost exactly the same.


26 January 2014

Installed but can't run


4 January 2014

It's not just that you need the music cover to "register" this app; you can't use it at all.

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