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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    We worked hard to keep make this App for Windows 8 We hope you love it! Try it today while it's FREE!


Surfi TM is a Natural Language Answer Engine. Speak a question, Surfi will get the answer, display it, and speak it back to you. Forget typing - Just ask Surfi with speech recognition powered by Nuance, the same company that powers Siri's voice recognition! FREE Trial! Beautiful design made in part by Microsoft! Ask Surfi Anything you want and she will Answer Intelligently and Instantly in a life-like female voice. Want to know how many calories are in that bagel you are eating for breakfast?- ask Surfi Want to know the weight of the Earth?- ask Surfi Want to know where to eat?- ask Surfi Want to buy a laptop? Say the words buy, purchase, or shop, followed by the item you want and surfi will show you the product with guaranteed lowest prices through Amazon.com ! Want to know the weather in Houston? just ask "What's the weather in Houston Texas" Intelligent Surfi speaks back the response to ANY question, if it can't find the answer, it will automatically do a Bing search for you! Doing a report on George Washington, Bill Gates or other famous people- ask Surfi and get a detailed resource which will be spoken aloud Want to find the best price on your next purchase? Simply ask Surfi with the command “Buy”, “Shop” or “Purchase” and buy directly online Surfing the web on Windows 8 just got Easier- get answers fast with the power of your voice. We love to hear from you, your feedback is critical to us! Please contact us if you have any questions at speechtrans.com! Features - Speech Recognition with No Training Required with 99% Accuracy powered By Nuance! - Voice or Text Input - Answers displayed on screen and spoken aloud - Built in Bing Search, view web links within Surfi - Use full screen or docked mode - Keep it open all day and have it when you need it! - Surfi was developed by SpeechTrans with some help from Microsoft - Surfi was designed by the same designers who created Bing Maps! If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to us at http://speechtrans.com/contactus


  • Intelligent Answer Agent
  • Text To Speech responses
  • Full Bing Search Integration
  • Amazon.com Speech Enabled Shopping Integration
  • 99% Speech Recognition accuracy powered by Nuance
  • Beautiful User Interface
  • Designed by Microsoft Designers
  • Works in Docked Mode

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2 May 2016

Doesn't understand a word of the English language, just as bad as Siri. I uninstalled.


10 April 2016

Don't get this app sooooooooooooo bad I wish I could rate it 0


1 June 2015

The app is good, but needs more work. It doesn't seem to understand much.


23 July 2014

I have not seen one this bad on any platform. Its no responsive, slow, tapping the screen seems to do nothing and when it starts speaking it will get so confused it will begin speaking over itself. Bad


13 March 2014

This app is junk can't answer a question with the right answer


16 December 2013

This app failed to do anything it promised. It did not respond to voice input and got stuck recording and would not let me "tap to stop" for a full 30 seconds. I tried to enter a question by typing it in and the app crashed. Uninstalled.


2 December 2013

Maybe fun for children to play with. Most of the time the response to questions is: "Surfi did not understand your question, let's search Bing!" On those occasions when it did understand the question, you get WAY more information than you need (Example: "When is Christmas?" Response: It gives you the date, then how many months and days it is until then, then how many days, then how many hours, minutes, seconds; you get the idea). This is a complete joke to anyone who has used Suri.


9 November 2013

Surfi is a start in the right direction, but it is slow and most of the time just opens a Bing search window. At least it gets you to a website that can answer your question. The app that it tries to imitate is more responsive and faster. Keep working on it. Thanks.