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    This is the new Windows 10 version! We hope you enjoy playing. Your feedback is always appreciated. So, lets us know what you like, don't like, or any new features that you would like to see. Have Fun!


Switchback is a free, fun, and addictive maze game for all skill levels. Both young and old will enjoy testing there ability to maneuver their way through the series of colorful mazes. With each pack getting increasingly harder, the challenge to succeed is never ending. All you have to do is find your way through the maze by dragging your finger across the screen until you finally reach the end. However, if you don't have a touchscreen, using a mouse or the keyboard is just as much fun. If solving the mazes at your own pace just isn't challenging enough, tap on Speed Test to see how fast you really are. You will then be able to select the Maze Pack and maze that you would like to solve. Displayed above the maze you will see a timer keeping track of every second it takes you to complete each level. Once completed the game will automatically keep track of your best times. You can always reset the maze and try to beat your record. If you want to increase the difficulty even further, in the settings menu you now have the option to add in your own personal background images from any folder on your computer. Play thousands of mazes for free! Good luck.


  • Hundreds of free Mazes
  • Bright and colorful Mazes with sound effects
  • Works with your finger, a mouse or stylus
  • Great for all skill levels
  • Speed test solving the mazes
  • Optional background images

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15 March 2016

get it get it! its the best p.s the kids pack is really really easy


4 March 2016

It doesn't let me do a maze so don't play it!


26 October 2015

I don't usually have five star rates and this is the game that changed my rates you get the game now and it offers to play with other people if I could I would rate it a 10000 stars!!!!!!!!


25 April 2015

It's a awsoooooooooome . It's cool than my sister 😎😃


20 April 2015

I love the difficult levels even though they are extremely hard. Love how they made the game but a little complicated, anyway Download It!


5 February 2015

the line can be controlled by mouse, touch, or arrow keys. very easy at first.


7 January 2015

Horrid It won't let me play and I can't uninstall the thing


22 November 2014

I love the game it helps you focus and my child has been way more focus


16 October 2014

I use my pro pen for my surface 3, the drawing could work a little better when going fast but still works pretty good and the mazes are great :) these mazes are less difficult to the pro, just more so designed for time trial But they are extensive to the average person.


26 August 2014

This game is fun, challenging and totally addictive. We started out with the free pack, then the kids' pack and finally gave in and purchased all of the packs. My only complaint is that purchasing any pack was supposed to eliminate ads......NOT TRUE......I really hate being lied to!!!! After playing the games for several months, all of the purchased games mysteriously disappeared. When we tried to access them, we received a message that we had to purchase them..... so I jotted off an e-mail to the company and within a few hours all of the games were back. That is what I call great customer service. Since all of the ads have disappeared, I wonder if my original complaint wasn't just a computer glitch and I wasn't lied to after all. We are aged 4 years to 67.......all of us play and love this game!!

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