Browse through talks! Use semantic zoom to filter talks by time. Select a popular one and find out what other users are watching. Choose another one related to what you are watching. Set up your favorites, so you can keep coming back! Pin to the hub talks that you want to remember to watch. Share with friends and family !


  • Displays and lets you browse talks
  • Suggests popular and related talks
  • Allows users to set favorites
  • Share to email, twitter, facebook
  • Search
  • Live tile
  • Send to device
  • Snap view
  • Full screen video playing
  • Semantic zoom
  • Pin

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7 November 2012

Can 'add favorite' Can 'watch HD video' But 'Not support subtitles'.


21 October 2012

But could you please explain, why pushing the spacebar while watching the video fullscreen kicks me out into the main screen? Imagine the frustration of the watcher, who is naturally accustomed to the spacebar as the start-stop button in any player possible, wants to pause the video quickly to look at the illustration. When he does that, he looses the position of the video, and even the name of the video.