Tank Mission 3D

Description A fast paced action 3D tank war game with a mission to accomplish. Destroy all enemy assets while you find your way through the heavily guarded enemy camps. A first time free experience of an action packed Tank battle mission. Mission: Your mission is to destroy valuable enemy assets including army vehicles, heavy guns and oil tankers. Avoid enemy fires while you find your way through the heavily guarded enemy camps. Collect Fuel Tanks or Health Repair Kits to help you survive the tough war. Challenge your strategy thinking, tank aiming, shooting, and dodging skills. When the going gets tough, use the limited Drone attack. How To Play: - Tank Rocket/Missile fire will destroy all enemy targets with a single direct hit - Drone Attack will show you the Battlefield top view to point/select guided Missile drop position from a plane For PC: -Use Arrow keys for the tank movement and rotation in any direction -Use Left Control for Tank Rocket/Missile fire For Tablets: - Touch and drag finger anywhere on the screen for tank movement and rotation in any direction. Please visit our website for more information: www.absologix.com www.facebook.com/absologix


  • Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazing explosion effects
  • Different Levels with new Mission and new HD environments
  • Tank Rocket weapon fire & Guided Drone Missile attack
  • Enemy Tanks and Heavy Guns fighting against you with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Support for Bothe PCs and tablets
  • Military themed quality Army User Interface (UI)

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19 June 2015

I've seen my friends play this game in multiplayer. and it looks cool.