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    * This version is great with Windows 10 on PC and Windows Phone * Use TaskAngel on a PC with multiple displays


TaskAngel To-Do List delivers power with simplicity. It is powerful enough to manage complex and critical projects. And yet simple enough to run your shopping list. Most people think they are too busy to manage their time. But the truth is a good time management system can double your productivity and reduce stress. With TaskAngel you can: Gather everything you have to do, into one place Organize your tasks to make it easier to work through them Filter your tasks so you can focus Quickly choose which task to work on next Sync your task list with other devices and PC's


  • Add, edit and complete hundreds of tasks
  • Dates, reminders and repeats
  • Priorities, stars, status and next action
  • Notes and web links
  • Organize your to-do list with folders, goals, contexts and tags
  • Break complex tasks down into subtasks
  • Filter and sort your tasks by any property
  • Automatic Hotlist
  • Sync across all your devices using Tooldedo
  • Ideal for touch screens - tablet and phone
  • Supports Getting Things Done (GTD)

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16 March 2015

Not perfect and could certainly use some more features to customize it. However, it is by far the best Toodledo app that I have found. It syncs well and mimics the desktop setup. I am keeping this as my go to Toodledo App for when I am not online.


16 May 2014

Good Toodledo app from a developer who continues to work to improve it. Gets the job done.


15 January 2014

Loved the trial better than the full version. The trial at least worked as it should. When I bought the full version the sync with Toodledo.com would crash the app every time without doing even a partial sync. Fix that and I would happily go 4 stars or better.


8 January 2014

When you offer an app that syncs with Toodledo or any service it really should automatically sync in the background at regular intervals. Even with autosync enabled this app syncs only after you've opened it and even then doesn't do a good job.


3 January 2014

Being that there are only 2 apps that sync with Toodledo the pickings are slim. TaskAngel does not perform up to the task though (sorry). The only positive thing I can say is that it supports Subtasks and projects which is a must have feature for me. However there are way too many issues. When in landscape mode, if I have more tasks than the screen can show I can not scroll down and view the tasks. There is no live tile support, the app crashes, and there is no inbox to name a few other issues with the app. It created duplicate tasks on Toodledo and I encountered syncing issues multiple times. I am not a fan of the UI either, but since I want an app that supports Toodledo I will gladly give this app another try. SharpTasks is better (although it is not great) at this point in my opinion.


27 December 2013

I like this. The developer responded with adding a sync button and hide future tasks option. I only wish I can hide the far left column and have more space for tasks. I love the snap view by the way, well done


24 December 2013

it must be the windows 8 app design restrictions that make all apps suck so badly. and why isn't there an option to select options? i have to guess that i drag in from the right side. mystery meat navigation has never been a good sell before and it isn't now. why can't i resize the columns on a 27" monitor? why does each row in the detailed tasks take so much room when i'd rather see all tasks rather than have to scroll? please, don't ever make these horrible changes to the desktop app, and don't stop supporting it on the desktop. it's a great app... on the desktop.


19 December 2013

I have written goal after note after... It all disappears and leaves you with partial writings. Maybe next time!


16 December 2013

Would love to see the live tile update or refresh through all over due tasks. Not just the one that it does.


12 December 2013

The ui has potential, but unreliability of syncing makes the app useless.

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