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    Release 8 Improved filter menu Context has status now (on hold, active, dropped) Bug fixes Release 7 Automatic Sync - tasks are synced as soon they are change or created Quick Find to quickly find your tasks Performance improvements Improved Keyboard navigation in Quick Add Separate Inbox for less clutter Cleaned up the look and feel, it is even more beautiful now. Release 6 Can select project/context on quick add Improved Project detailed view. Inline editing in project view and snapped view Release 5 Tasks by Email. You can now simply email tasks to task@taskorami.com and they will magically show up in your Taskorami inbox. Release 4 Added keyboard shortcuts Add option to toggle background image Bug fixes Release 3 Improved snapped viewed. You can now create a project or context directly from the task popup. You can now try sync for free. Other bug fixes and improvements.


Taskorami is a beautiful todo and task management application designed from the ground up for windows 8 and with Getting Things Done* (GTD) in mind. It is incredibly easy to collect your tasks, process them and review them. Every feature is well thought out and is designed for ease of use and functionality to keep you productive and on top of your tasks. We are very passionate about personal productivity and GTD and want to build the best GTD and task management app for Windows 8. We are building this app for us to use and stay productive and we hope you love it as much as we do. But we are not done. We are never done. We will be actively working with all of you to make this app better and better. We are not looking for customers, we are looking for fans. People love Taskorami and you will too. ★★★★★ "Love the ability to pin projects and contexts with live tiles." ★★★★★ "I specially like the review screen" ★★★★ "This is clean, quick GTD app. Been looking for this sort of thing for a long time." 8/10 " Honestly, you could find a higher profile task manager, but you won't find one that's much better than Taskorami. That's why I'm giving it 8/10" - Windows 8 App Reviews Taskorami is the ultimate task management and to-do app. * This product and its maker are not affiliated with, approved or endorsed by David Allen or the David Allen Company, which is the creator of the Getting Things Done® system for personal productivity. GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company For more information on the David Allen Company’s products the user may visit their website at www.davidco.com.


  • Awesome Getting Things Done - GTD and todo app
  • Sync across multiple machines
  • Pin multiple Projects and Contexts to your Start Screen
  • Tasks By Email lets you create tasks by simply sending an email

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27 September 2014

This is one of those apps I didn't realize I needed until I had it, then I wondered where it had been all my life. The interface is crisp and clean, and overall it's an extremely good GTD app. There are some features missing - it needs a mobile version, it needs outlook integration, it needs to be able to rearrange tasks or transition a task into a project. But the developer is active, some of those feature are already in the works (I'll update when they come out), and what is here works exactly like it should work - which gives me a good deal of confidence that the app will continue to evolve. And the ability to sync between Windows 8 devices if, like me, you run multiple Windows 8 machines, works wonderfully.


5 May 2014

It has all the features I need. I especially like how the live tile lists several tasks.


12 January 2014

I have started using this app. It is user friendly. I think if we know getting things done concepts then it will be helpful while using this app.


9 May 2013

Nice app, pleasant to the eye, nice features too. However not usable for me as I need Tags in addition to Context. Not sure about nested projects or concept of Folders . . . at least, I have not figure out yet how to do it.


10 March 2013

This is a really nicely designed app. Clean, beautiful - and functional. Far better than the dozens of other task managers out there. You can organize by project and "context", filter by status. Task entry is fast. The pay version ($10) allows synchronization across devices and submitting tasks via email. That said, I can't justify the price tag until this also includes web and WP8 clients, OR Exchange synchronization (like Tasks by Telerik). That would make this a far more versatile tool.


22 February 2013

Needs sync with Windows Mobile 8 Phones.. No ones going to carry around their computer all day..


18 January 2013

Needs printing ability so users can print for when a pc isn't practical


16 January 2013

I'm a high tech sales guy with lots of things to remember to do. This is a really quick, functional way to make sure nothing drops. On surface it works really well!! GREAT UI. Only question I have -- How do I put tasks "on Hold" not really clear on that. Otherwise even the syncing function is good. Highly recommend.


7 January 2013

I am using this on Surface with WinRT. I've installed (and uninstalled) every other task/to-do app I've tried. Taskorami delivers exactly what it claims - ease-of-use, intuitive features, regular updates, simplicity. Works well with touch & keyboard/mouse. The only technical issue have encountered is the app twice hung then closed when trying to add a project, which is why 4 stars. I hope the developers will create a WP app to go with this for full on-the-go use.


23 December 2012

I just started using it, but Taskorami has an incredibly high level of polish and aesthetic qualities. Further, the tutorials are very in depth, showing features I wouldn't of known about or tried. Definitely worth a try to see if it fits you.

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