Teddy Run

Run and just Run without attacking walls. For the tablet user, swipe up is jump, and swipe down is slide. Swipe right is turn to the right. Swipe left is turn to the left. To move right and left is just tilting the tablet. You have 3 lives for start. For the PC user, swipe is done by arrow keys, and you can move left by to press A button, and right by to press D button.

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19 April 2015

This is a horrible game because Teddy is so slow and often stop responding. Boo!!!!!!!


11 April 2015

when I want to jump high I can not do it


4 January 2015

Now hazel what ever your name is stop u write bad reviews about everything u have bleach curly hair too ok


31 December 2014

didn't run more than once before it froze


25 November 2014

Its ok, if your a baby!!!!