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TeleCast is the best app for watching TV on your XBOX One, XBOX 360 or any UPnP capable TV. Telecast brings all the latest news, entertainments, music, sports channels for you on the go. Try it out today! - Enjoy more than 300+ channels on your Windows Tablet - Watch TV on XBOX 360, XBOX One - XBOX Companion app for watching TV - In App Purchase: Unlock the app to view all the channels. - Channels around the world: CNN, ABC News, BBC, Reuters TV, Euro News ... - Channels from several different countries including US, UK, Germany, India, Japan, Australia, France, Spain.. - High Resolution Videos - Collects latest feeds from the web - Channel Categories: News, Music, Sports, Entertainment, Educational. Telecast lists Channels based on their popularity which you will love to watch! Q: How to cast the content to a Miracast Device like XBOX One A: Q: How to cast content to a Upnp capable device A: keywords: Free TV, Online TV, News Channels, Channel Podcast, Miracast, TV, HD TV, Channel Podcast, Music Channels


  • TV for XBOX One
  • 300+ Channels
  • TV on UPnP or Miracast device
  • HD Quality Videos
  • News, Music, Entertainment, Sports Channels

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27 December 2013

I am using this app to see the news channels and it is very good. Video quality if really great. Also I am projecting the content on my TV using XBOX and it works great!