Thai Dialogs

Traveling to Thailand? Have a Thai pen friend? Unfamiliar with Thai language?  No worries! Thai Dialogs will help you with that. It has a list of most commonly used sentences required to communicate in Thai. How to use the app? Very simple! Tap on one of the categories...tap on a tile to see Thai translation of a sentence...and, it's done! Simple, right? This is extremely helpful for learning Thai, and comes handy while traveling.  The next time you are in Thailand or anywhere Thai is spoken, you will not be lost asking for directions or feeling out of place :-). So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on more than 100 translated sentences!


  • Provides 8 different categories of dialogs
  • Learning view to help beginners learn quickly
  • Flashcard view for trying out your proficiency in Thai language
  • Quick navigation with the navigation bar to jump between categories
  • Snapped view to help learn Thai while you enjoy your movie

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22 November 2012

Absolutely useless app. This too simple; it only contains a few very basic dialogues and most of these phrases are not used by Thai people at all. There is nothing written in the Thai script and the Romanization is often unintelligible or simply wrong.