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This audio player supports the following formats: WMV, MP4, MP3, WMA. It can also play music in the background.


  • Play music in the background.
  • Increase or decrease the speed of the audio playback.

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8 July 2014

I got this audio player for one reason: the playback speed control. HOWEVER, I have been experiencing serious issues with playback... when I pause a track, it often doesn't resume play in the same place that it stopped. When I rewind or FF to a certain location in the track, the timing changes, but it will continue playing where it left off, just with a new timestamp. (For example, if it was at 5:00, and I rewind to 4:30, it'll continue playing where it was originally but time will play as if it's at 4:30.) Not being able to change location is a huge limitation. Also, the bar for changing location in a track should be bigger so that I can get to more specific spots in the track. When playback is fixed, ill give it a higher rating.


28 May 2014

This app works ok. Lets you make play list easy. And has the ability to adjust the play back speed. But if you put the ply back speed to x2 when it goes to the next song it switches back to x1. This one bug is very annoying. Other wise works well. But please fix this bug.


3 April 2013



8 March 2013

Everything looks nice but with no shuffle play it isn't better than Xbox music


26 February 2013

1 word: awful! :(


25 February 2013

That would go to "Media Monkey" at least for now. Someday we'll have VLC or iTunes, or maybe...finally WMP will come to this platform. This program doesn't exceed the functionality of the default music player for RT.


13 February 2013

Just two words" FREAKING AWESOME"


10 February 2013

The interface is great. The simplicity is great too. I added all my music to the "music" folder default on Windows and it brings everything right up when I want to play it. The problem with the app is that when I minimize it, the music drops to about 5% of the max volume. This happens about 50% of the time. Sometimes I can minimize it and the music plays find in the background (which is what I want) but sometimes it almost completely mutes it. I see no options on the app for a fix.


9 February 2013

So far this is the only app that lets me not only play music from my SD card but also see all of the songs. I would suggest that you include a way to sort the music by artist, genre or song title. Great job so far and I recommend this over all other options.


8 February 2013

Not a bad interface, but does not play music from networked drive.

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