The Hidden Object Show

Your grandfather has disappeared! The only clue he left is a cryptic message about a game show that no longer exists. Can you overcome the mysteries of the Millionaire Manor and stop the macabre machinations of a madman? Can you uncover the secrets of your unhinged Host? Take on the challenges of The Hidden Object Show once more and save your fellow contestants from a gruesome fate!


  • Updated with all-new HD scenes!
  • Added leaderboards to challenge and compete with your friends!
  • Over 210 different levels!
  • Hours and hours of exciting hidden object gameplay!
  • Save your grandfather from the evil game show host!
  • Offers optional In-App purchases

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16 October 2015

Wish game had a help screen to explain some of the game requirements such as chaining, jigsaw etc. Help at beginning but nothing to refresh memory on how to


5 August 2015

I really like this game because it is really fun and it takes time I still like after 1 week so I think lots of people should get this game it is so fun WHOO HOO


19 July 2015

Do I have to download it?


7 July 2015

I really love this game.


3 July 2015

Rules are simple. Challenges go from easy to very difficult. The music is great.


23 June 2015

There have been frequent issues after passing to the second level; the game has frozen several times or the game stopped co-operating and just completely kicked out. Not sure if there are update or programming problems or if it's just the system this player has. Be cautious when playing this game so that as a player, you don't have to keep starting over again.


28 May 2015

Really an interesting game...enjoy playing but are limited because you have to wait till it recharges in order to continue game play...and some items you have to not totally free


27 May 2015

Great game but playing on a Windows 8.1 tablet a couple of modes stop working in the middle of the game (like focus, I can't click on anything, the magnifier keeps jumping around, and combine, the objects refuse to combine) until I restart the game, and sometimes not even then. Please fix this game for Touchscreen devices!


18 May 2015

I only give this game 1 star because of an error that keeps me from opening the game. I am awaiting customer support for a solution. For those who complain about having to pay for things in the game, stop complaining. Yes, there are no HIDDEN fees but you may have to pay for in game items. By paying for these items, it helps the support the developers and future updates to games. Before complaining about having to pay for items in a game, create your own game with all of your time and effort, then offer everything in the game at no cost and see how frustrating it can be. For those who also don't know, it costs money to submit a game to any store whether it's Microsoft Store, Google Play, Amazon or even Apple Store.


16 April 2015

I have a problem using the combine chain. When you click the first object & then the second one, the object screen freezes. Please fix it so I can give you five stars, right now I give you one star.

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