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    What's new in Version 1.1 - General improvements for Windows 10 support and bug fixes.

The Logo Game - Free Guess the Logos Quiz

The Logo Quiz Game is a fun and addicting free logo quiz with 1000’s of logos of brands and companies. Guess the logos of 1000s of top brands & companies from all over the world. Have fun solving these logo puzzles and trivia and wrack your brains as you try to guess the logos. Use hints if you’re stuck on a particular logo. Did you know that on an average, we see nearly 3000 logos a day? That’s almost 3 logos per minute!! Whether you’re walking down a busy street in New York or Mumbai, there are logos of brands like Coca-Cola, KFC and BMW competing for your attention at almost every turn! But how many of those brand logos do you actually remember? Play the Logo Quiz Game and you’ll know! With plenty of levels and 100s of top brands, this free logos quiz promises hours of fun, trivia & puzzles! Each level in this logo game has puzzles & trivia of varying difficulty. The more logos you guess, the more levels you unlock! And if you find yourself scratching your head and trying to guess the logos, this logos quiz has got some interesting lifelines like hints, asking your Facebook and Twitter friends and more! ✓ Hints / Clues: Lots of helpful clues to help you move forward in the game. Each logo comes with 3 hints. You will be rewarded with new hints when you correctly guess a few logos in this logos quiz. You can also buy packs of 25, 50, 100 or more hints as in-app purchases. ✓ Ask your Facebook and Twitter friends for help: Hints not helpful enough? Get your friends on Facebook and Twitter to help you solve the tough logos and puzzles in this logos quiz. ✓ Resolve the logo: And if you still can’t guess the logo, we’ll give you the answer in return for a few hints! Or you could just buy more hints. You can also login with Facebook to see how you fare against your Facebook friends. Logo Quiz Game has logos from various categories like Sports, Media, Entertainment, Retail, Banks, Airlines, Tech, Drinks, Cosmetics, Hotels and more! Logo Quiz Game also comes with 8 cool Logo Packs with 50 logos per pack that you can buy as in-app purchases. ★ Automobiles – How many automobile brands do you know? Find out with this logo quiz! ★ Football – Guess these soccer/ football club logos! ★ Food – Guess logos of food brands! ★ Fashion – Guess logos of fashion brands! ★ Technology – Find out how geeky you are with this logo game! ★ Government Organizations - The top government departments and agencies from around the world! Guess the logos of these world famous government companies. ★ Women- Brands for the versatile women of today. Guess the logos of brands that women love to use! ★ Fortune 500 – Guess the logos of these famous Fortune 500 companies. New Packs ★ Super Heroes- The logos of fictional heroes and villains are yours to conquer. ★ Web- Guess the famous logos of websites and search engines. ★ TV Shows- Guess the logos of various sitcoms and game shows. ★ Music Bands- Find out how much you know the logos of bands that tune up your day. ★ Kids- A chance to recall all the logos that children are familiar with. ★ Sports- Bring alive the sportsman spirits in you as you guess the popular sports logos. ★ Restaurants- Find out how well you know the logos of famous exotic cuisine restaurant chains. ★ Hotels- Guess the logos of famous hotels from around the world. ★ Airlines- Identify all the famous logos of airlines. ★ Media- Find out how well you know the logos of the popular media. Disclaimer: All logos and brands shown or represented in this logo game are protected by copyright and/or are trademarks of their respective corporations. This app, not anyone associated with it, claims any ownership (copyright or otherwise) of any logos used in this app.


  • Guess 1000’s of logos of brands and companies from around the World
  • Themed packs such as Fashion, Food, Kids, Cartoon, Technology, Super Heroes, TV Shows etc.,

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28 December 2014

This game is amazing!! I thought that this game was going to be hard, but it isn't.. Only except for a few labels that I wasn't familiar with but besides all of that this game is very good. It will keep you occupied and busy. I recommend anyone who is looking for a awesome game, I hope you chose this one!!! : )


4 October 2014

It's a good game but only 8 levels are free and the next 22 levels cost $1.49 each which adds up to $32.98. Not worth that much money!


8 May 2014

Excellent game but same problem. I've tried to download the Restaurant Logo add one but it won't download to my Surface 2. They did charge me both times tho... (I got refunded for the 1st time by Microsoft. So it looks like we can't download any hints or other game add one. Don't try it, it'll take payment but never download. A shame cos the game itself is excellent...


7 May 2014

I have tried multiple times to purchase hints for this app, the charges hit my bank account buy I have yet to see the 300 hints I have paid for.