The Othello

If you are looking for a real Othello app with beautiful graphics and animation for free, this is it!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The Othello" has 30 levels of difficulty from beginner to expert. You will find the most suitable strength among 30 levels for head-to-head game. *Challenge to win the special style boards by defeating computer! Collect medals by defeating computer without using hint and undo. You will be awarded new surprising boards and stones by collecting the medals.


  • 30 levels of difficulty from beginner to expert
  • Human vs Computer, Human vs Human (sharing a single device)
  • Handicap game( a game starting with 1-4 black handicap stones)
  • Save/Load game record
  • Hint facility to improve your game
  • Review mode during a game
  • Can select from 2 types of BGM
  • Autosaves your current game
  • Remove ads (need to pay)

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25 March 2016

This is one of my favorites. So far, this game is one of the best implementations on Windows Store.


21 January 2016

ALL the unbalance games are top notch.


22 June 2015

a day after I installed this app I got an e-mail from a scammer. This is the only app I installed from the Microsoft store so they must be the source. I also never give this account e-mail to any other online retailer, social media site, etc... so that doubles down the fact this developer is either selling e-mail addresses to whoever wants them or sending out these scam e-mails themselves.


10 February 2015

this is one of my favorite games from my childhood and i'm very dismayed that it won't play. Goes to the opening screen then just shuts down every time!


22 January 2015

Tough and smart. I thought I was good. Then I played this game.


7 October 2014

Can never run any games of UNBALANCE!


11 June 2014

I am extremely impressed with the AI in this game. I wanted to see if the level 30 AI would try to take over the entire board instead of just outright winning the game and it did! However, it only does it if it has a good opportunity. If you're actually trying to win the game and making good moves, it will go for the win first. You can tell the programmers spent a lot of time on it. It also has a good presentation. The animations are nice, the sounds are good, and you can unlock new boards. The only minor gripe I have is that whenever you have to pass the turn, I think it takes too long. It would be nice to have an option to turn off the wait period, even if it's just a second. Overall, a really great version of Othello.


4 June 2014

is the best game


2 June 2014

Screen does not update sometimes after making a move, forcing you to manually update screen by minimizing and restoring, e.g.


10 May 2014

Nice game but the video keeps locking freezing and it has crashed a few times.

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