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    This app was created by myself and it is my first windows 8 app. I hope to keep it updated with my own ideas and suggestions from users. Please leave feedback if there is a feature that you want I will attempt to implement it and update the app with the feature. Update Notes New Features: Added video thumbnails (BETA) Added client mode Added remove logo and background option Added auto-rotate support Added hide collections option Added new collection type - vista

The PhotoBook

The PhotoBook is a digital portfolio app for showcasing work on the go. The PhotoBook empowers anyone to showcase their work meaningful and professional way. Intended users are photographers, agents, artist, designers, models, architects and students. The PhotoBook allows users to customise their own digital portfolio. Users have the ability to set their home screen branding and within galleries. The PhotoBook currently offers 3 different gallery types to display images alongside the traditional full screen gallery. Future updates to the app will bring both free and premium gallery styles; providing more options to ensure that everyone has a portfolio that suits their needs.


  • Customisable home screen to set your own unique branding style
  • Pull images directly from the cloud using OneDrive
  • Import images directly from your device
  • 5 different gallery styles for choice
  • Full screen image viewing
  • Add detailed information to both your collections and images
  • Playback images in a slideshow
  • Favourite images so that you can quickly dispaly your best images
  • Restrict access using Client mode option

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11 December 2015

love it


12 April 2015

Great concept! I wanted it to work so bad, but it crashed every time I tried to load pictures, and the about page is a dead end. Seems very unstable


14 January 2015

I have tried so hard to get this application to work. The concept is amazing. I've lost collections and had to recreate them for no reason. Each time I open a collection it has re-added the photos so now they are in multiple times. It crashes when editing the collection settings and then losing the work you've done. The About page locks the applications. There are no users instructions available - at least that I can find.


4 August 2014

I got this app to present some portfolio pics to a potential model. Works great and looks more professional than just clicking on the photos folder.


16 May 2014

It is pretty good for the price it nearly has the all the features for similar apps on IOS and Android but it is much cheaper.


15 May 2014

A 1 day trial, what a joke. I didn't even get a chance to try it.