The Rainbow Dragons Free

Meet our most popular characters, The Rainbow Dragons! A fully interactive reading experience packed with animations on every page. Hear the story read aloud or explore it at your own pace.

 Every morning seven dragon brothers take off from their castle on the amazing planet Dra-Dra to build a Rainbow Bridge. People who come to the planet of dragons in their sleep use the bridge to go back home to Earth. But one day the Rainbow Dragons had a quarrel... Meet Sleepy, a little boy who loved to dream and who could sleep anywhere. He hated getting up in the morning. Once he got lost in his dream and landed on the Planet of the Rainbow Dragons… But that very day the Rainbow Dragons had started arguing about who among them was boss, and Sleepy couldn’t return to his bed! The little boy was afraid that he would have to stay on the Planet Dra-Dra forever. Come along and you will see how Sleepy managed to reconcile seven dragon-brothers and created a magic Rainbow Bridge leading from the dream world back to his home! All of that as well as a lot of other interesting things are waiting for you in the full version of the Rainbow Dragons!


  • Interactive read-along app, featuring unique characters
  • Tap to hear the story read aloud, or follow the story at your own pace
  • Explore delightful animations within each page
  • Tap to play sound effects and unexpected animations all over the story
  • Turn pages manually and move back and forth through the story as you wish or resume where you left off

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30 January 2014



19 March 2013

This app won't go beyond the first picture, as if it's loading... but won't load.


8 March 2013

the under taker


6 February 2013

My daughter who is 5 loves this. It keeps her busy in the car playing with the interactive pictures a good 45 minutes. More books like this would be great! Thanks Devs!


3 November 2012

This illustrated Ukrainian story is presented in a very nice manner, and read in 4 languages including English. The narrator does a superb job. But the UI sucks. You have to swipe to the pages, and there's no way to let the story play itself out. Interactivity on each page is also minimal. Still, a decent production. I'd pay 1 dollar for each additional title, more if the UI is improved.


30 October 2012

The narration is good quality, and the pictures are cute, but I absolutely hate when a full screen app isn't actually full screen. It is 4:3 on my 16:9 tablet, meaning that it is a square box in the center instead of taking up the full screen. That really bugs me. There also isn't much to the free version. It's more like a commercial for an app than an app, which I guess is fine, but that should be labeled as a limited trial. Because of the box problem I talked about, I won't be buying it.


17 September 2012

Or arrow buttons doesn't work


20 August 2012

don't get me wrong the app does its job perfectly well. but I cant but help think that material like this will turn children into furries, or perverts of something that simply does not exist. why do children's books nowadays get away with putting a practically human like character in design that otherwise would be a nude human. sure they might not notice stuff like that at a young age, BUT nostalgia stays with you till you die. Rant over. good app but dangerous premise otherwise.


11 August 2012

After clicking the play image on the right bottom corner the app is stuck on the next screen.


7 August 2012

Читаем каждый вечер на ночь!!! Желательно иметь функции отключения голоса диктора и перехода на любую страницу, а то тяжело листать каждый раз на начало.