Tholotis - Blur

Blur transforms ordinary pictures into stunning Windows wallpapers. Blur turns any image into an iOS 7 style wallpaper with one simple control. Choose picture from gallery and turn it into awesome colorful wallpaper for your Home screen. The basic idea of this app is to blur picture to the extreme and flatten out it into a nice colorful background for your Windows device. Using blur you can create customized wallpaper in two very simple and straightforward steps. 1. Select image 2. Apply blur. You can drag the seek bar to the left or right to increase or decrease the intensity of the blur.


  • Load images directly from gallery
  • Adjust blur ( Real-time preview )
  • Save wallpaper to photo library

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13 December 2015

This app sucks! I have been trying to get it to do anything else besides the blur feature. I have been looking for a reliable app to make my pictures into my wallpaper. and yet again, I am Disappointment!