Tiny Trees

Panda Sensei’s mystical trees have gone missing from his ornamental garden, you have arrived just in time to uncover the mystery and help rebuild his garden. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you grow, nurture and shape miniature Bonsai trees and build your very own virtual Zen garden. Share your unique creations with your friends and uncover new species of Tiny Trees. Features: - Each and every tree grown is unique - Build your very own beautiful Zen garden - Buy or earn new species at any time - Upgrade and unlock new tools to perform more advanced shaping techniques - Style Templates guide players as they shape a broad range of tree styles - Immersive 3D world without the distractions of 2D interfaces - Intuitive touch screen gestures


  • Lock Screen – Updates the device lock screen to show players’ garden progress.
  • Live Tiles – Shows the players current progress displaying latest tree and garden.
  • Secondary Tiles – Notifies players when player’s trees submitted to the Daily Gallery has been rated. Deep links to the Daily Gallery.
  • Push Notifications – Notifies player of ratings that trees submitted to the daily gallery receive.
  • Facebook sharing – Players can share images of completed trees from the daily gallery; they will be prompted on returning to the game every time a daily gallery competition that they entered has ended
  • Daily Global Tree Gallery – Players can submit completed trees to a global gallery to be rated they can also rate other peoples trees submitted to the gallery by logging into Facebook.
  • Multi-Device Support – Continue your Windows 8.1 game on Windows Phone (Requires Facebook Login)

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5 March 2015

I honestly found this game to be great as sometimes I just want a peaceful game to occupy my time without machineguns and killstreaks and time limits, haha. Reminds me a lot of the zen rope game but with your own banzai trees and garden. Simple, yet just enough depth and entertainment to kill time, hope this game stays supported in the future.


3 March 2015

I can't even open this game :(