Tips & Tricks for Excel 2013

This Vodeclic app features 29 tips and tricks for Excel 2013. This app features 29 tutorials and hours of training on Microsoft Excel 2013, on the Microsoft Office 2013 application new features, tools and functionalities. They are organized as follows: • Getting to know the application • Saving & manipulating documents • Inserting & editing data • Using number formats • Formatting data • Formatting & shaping your document This series of tutorials covers Microsoft Excel 2013, the spreadsheet application released as part of the New Office. This spreadsheet application can be used to organize a wide variety of different data types, including text, numbers, percentages, dates, monetary figures, and even hyperlinks. You can create tables, adjust their appearance, and filter and sort your data entries. You can even begin to analyze and summarize your data by adding subtotals. Excel 2013 can be used to analyze and present your data in many different ways. You can use a variety of different chart types to create graphical representations of your data values, and you can change the way in which your entries are analyzed using PivotTables. Excel 2013 also features a number of new tools, including Flash Fill, which can be used to automatically add data to your table. Spreadsheet applications are extremely useful for performing calculations with your data: Excel 2013 comes complete with a huge library of formulae and functions. These can be used to perform calculations with varying degrees of complexity. You can incorporate conditions, apply different methods of analysis, and even extract individual cell elements to be used elsewhere in your spreadsheet. Excel 2013 also features a whole suite of collaboration tools intended to stimulate shared working practices. You can send your documents via email, protect them and convert them into different file formats, and even upload them to your cloud storage space. Shared access to these documents can also be activated, and access links can be created with ease. Working with other users on the same document is also optimized, with advanced comment-leaving and change-tracking facilities all available in Excel 2013. A tutorial is a video lasting just a few minutes which demonstrates a particular tool or use (Using the Flash Fill feature, Inserting a formula using the function library, Customizing your text formats) and how to get the most out of it. Each Vodeclic tutorial is produced by a specialist subject trainer and adheres to a clearly defined learning method.


  • 29 tutorials
  • Hours of training
  • 6 skill sets
  • Search engine
  • Semantic Zoom
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  • Tips and tricks for Excel

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