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    A major update with more content for Windows 8.1, graphical updates and beautiful chapter selection screens. Ten chapters totally free, the rest available for a one-time (ultra low) fee.

Tips & Tricks - Windows 8.1 Secrets

The easiest way to master Windows 8.1. Get more from your tablet, laptop or Desktop PC with Tips & Tricks -Windows 8.1 Secrets. Master the new Start Screen, get a tour of the new apps, uncover hidden features and even create an easier way to shutdown with over 250 pages of easy-to-read tips, tricks, and secrets for everyday Windows 8.1 use. With updates after every major release from Microsoft, you’ll never be left behind.


  • Get to grips with Windows 8.1
  • Rediscover the traditional desktop
  • Get your Windows tiles organized
  • Customize your start screen, the desktop and more
  • Secure your PC or tablet with alternatives to passwords
  • Post updates to Facebook and Twitter in a snap
  • Share useful tips via email
  • Restore the Windows Start Button!
  • Includes handy 'cheat sheets' showing tablet, desktop & keyboard shortcuts to print out
  • Free Trial includes 10 entire chapters and on upgrading, 27 chapters are unlocked.
  • Learn about new Windows 8.1 Apps.
  • Get to grips with new Skydrive features.
  • Become a Windows Guru!

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3 May 2015

I have purchased this app for myself, my sons computer and my wife as well. A great and thorough introduction...


25 January 2014

This is a must have app for new windows 8 or 8.1 users.


1 December 2013

If its free ok will try but do not add anything that has a fee, need to learn basics first.Thank you....


21 November 2013

Thanks, I have found this app to be very helpful in helping me to take full advantage of most that Windows 8 has to offer.


24 September 2013

The first few chapters have some good tips but the majority of app is locked unless you buy! Also, most of their "must have" app recommendations are 404


17 December 2012

Just basic information. Not nearly as good as their one on iOS. Also recommends tips in their Advanced chapter that are not available on all versions of Win 8.


13 December 2012

A very useful introduction to Windows 8! Makes you the appreciate the new OS much better. Thanks