Toasts&Tiles for Gmail

Toasts&Tiles for Gmail is a full featured Gmail client app for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Please note, that it’s an online client so you need to have permanent internet connection to browse mails. Also you need valid Gmail account. If you don't have a Gmail account, go to and create a new one. ------ We're working on the next there anything specific you were hoping to see? (bug fixes/features?)


  • Quick and easy access to Gmail without having to open a browser
  • Easily switch between different Gmail accounts ( up to 3 )
  • Badge, Toast Notifications and Live Tiles support
  • Support for Google Apps accounts
  • Option to see notifications only for emails tagged as Important
  • No Ads

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24 November 2015

Installed this app and it just hangs on the loading gmail screen. Goes no further and I have killed and restarted it many times, to the same result. Checking the knowledgebase on their site reveals this has been an ongoing issue back almost 4 years with no fix to date.


12 May 2015

I give up and check my android for mail by the time this starts.


11 April 2015

Well toast and tiles for Gmail, is toast for my surface. Does not seem to work 3/4 of the time, and don't have time for that. See you, you stupid app.


27 September 2014

Just sits at the load screen no matter what I do. I've deleted it and installed again but still don't work. Lame.


26 September 2014

It's a good start. Would be better if it were a truly native app and not just a browser wrap. The tiles that show up when you right click, they don't make any sense to all. The "live" aspect to them just doesn't work. They still show emails that have been deleted a long time ago. They aren't even in the trash folder. It's kinda annoying because it makes you think there are new messages when there aren' all. A smaller tile that displayed the account name and number of unread emails would be better. You're on the right track. There needs to be a good, dedicated gmail app for windows, but it needs to actually work as it a native, well maintained app that is at least on par with the stock Mail app.


22 June 2014

Basic Gmail interface with live tile support. Can't beat it!


18 June 2014

This app won't let me add my school Gmail account. It keeps saying that either the username and/or password I entered is wrong. I know that they're both correct. This is false advertising if they tell you that you can add more than one account when you can't. I'm only giving this two stars because this syncs well with my personal Gmail account and is a live tile.


26 February 2014

Provides the majority of gmail functions seamlessly. I don't like that all new "social" or "promotions" e-mails create notifications for the makes the notification function significantly less valuable....which is the whole reason to have this app.


25 February 2014

Doesn't work! Would not log on.


30 January 2014

and doesn't work

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