Top American Speeches

Read the top 100 speeches in American history. Speeches are organized by title of the speech. The speeches included are: * Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream * John F Kennedy's Inaugural Address * FD Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address * FD Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation * Barbara Charline Jordan's 1976 DNC Keynote Address * Richard Nixon' Checkers * Malcolm X's The Ballot or the Bullet * Ronald Reagan's Shuttle 'Challenger' Disaster Address * John F Kennedy's Houston Ministerial Association Speech * Lyndon Johnson's We Shall Overcome * Mario Matthew Cuomo's 1984 DNC Keynote Address * Jesse Louis Jackson's 1984 DNC Address * General Douglas MacArthur's Farewell Address to Congress and many more.....


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14 September 2014

so please let Virginia Shuck get this app installed okay? @


23 November 2013

Many of the speeches are not complete. JFK's inaugural address is missing the two most important lines of the whole speech! It's missing the "ask not. . . ." lines! Its also missing the whole paragraph that proceeds it!


26 March 2013



3 January 2013

Hi everyone, thanks for using the app. I have noted your feedback regarding the speeches and will soon be updating the app with a new list. Thanks for using the app.


3 December 2012

Contains many speeches given at DNC, and none from RNC...and is pathetic enough to include Sanger's speech on Era of Children...when we now know of her racist and hateful genocide plans. Definitely a leftist collection with a few speeches from the right sprinkled in.


27 November 2012

it has dated DNC keynotes but not RNC


18 November 2012

Interesting app, but nearly all of the speeches are from the left side of the fence. Several are from the Democratic National Convention...and I saw none from the Republican convention. One would think that an app would be less biased. If I wanted just one view, I'd already have it. I believe we, free citizens, should have access to ALL the information and not only some pundit's choice. Due to the unabashed bias, I can only award one star.


16 November 2012

many good speeches, but the balance is not there.


14 November 2012

There are many classic speeches available to read. The speeches are in alphabetical order by title, starting with numbers. Starting there, you will see that 8 of the 11 speeches are DNC keynote addresses by year. Still, sifting through you can find some good stuff.


10 November 2012

Can't search for politicians and leaders. Please add a search feature. Good app BTW.

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