Tourist Train Hill Driving - Mountains Traveling

Get your hands behind the steering wheel and play the most amazing tourist transporter game. Filled with thrill is tourist bus historic city driving simulator. You are traveling inside the ancient city of Egypt famous for its historic culture, mummies, pyramids and underground tunnels. Those who love playing bus simulator games and going off road will love to play the role of Egypt city bus driver. Fulfill the duty of off road tourist transport as the bus driver traveling inside the pyramids. First of its kind on the play store with under the earth bus driving inside the pyramids and tunnels. Take the tourist inside the pyramids for a trip and expand tourism with tourist bus historic city drive. The game play revolves around the historic town with city bus driving, tourism, passenger pick n drop duty and hours of nonstop off road adventure. In the deserts of Egypt tourist need safe and secure transport while traveling on sand and inside the pyramids. The tunnel pathway are dangerous to drive on so be an extreme bus driver to drive inside the caves situated under the pyramids. The place is filled with history and Egyptian culture. Take the visitors and tourist to their destination and travel around. One of another objectives of the game is collecting coins placed in the caves and tunnels. Also collect puzzle pieces to complete your jigsaw and earn extra points. The excitement of the game gets double when you get to drive the bus inside the tunnels and underneath the earth. Real-time tourism with tourist pick n drop in one of the most ancient cities and off road adventurous driving.


  • Play as the Tourist Bus Driver
  • Explore the Tombs & Pyramids
  • Transport Tourist Inside Egypt City
  • Amazing Game play with HD Graphics

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20 April 2016

Omg while playing this game I like to roleplay and like do what tour people do I reccommend


2 April 2016



12 February 2016

this is the best game every in train UNVERISE I AM ONLY IN 2 GRADE AND I AM SPELLING ALL THESE WORDS😚😁O.O


7 February 2016



27 January 2016

This is a pretty good game not much action, but it takes some what limited amount of skills to play it.


26 January 2016

the people would not walk faster and cars are to fast


15 January 2016

It won't let me drive o flung 18 bugs in it sucks 😒


6 January 2016

best appfor playing


25 November 2015

you cant slow the train down, can't get past round 3


20 November 2015

displaying adds on game time

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