Tower Defense Vikings vs Plants

In this strategy game your duty call you, the plants are attacking your empires and as a leader is your dutty to call your troops to defend the empires, if you defeat the plants you will be remembered as the fiercest viking of your age. this is a tower defense like game except the fact that it redefines the tower defense genre. You need to distribute your vikings through the 3 lanes to defend your empires against the evil plant zombies that are attacking you. The evil plant zombies must be stoped and is your duty to achieve this. your vikings are clumsy but with a great leader even these clumsy vikings can achieve great things. be the leader of your age and defeat these plants remeber this is a strategy game so you need to manage your resources. HOW TO PLAY: select a lane to create your vikings. tap the coins to increate the resources. tap the buttons to create new vikings. defeate the plants. you'll enjoy this strategy game.


  • Tower defense
  • Vikings vs Plants

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2 May 2014

it crashes a lot


26 March 2014

Crashed a lot


8 January 2014

really liked this game+ its free. I have played a lot of games like this and they are usually around $5. definitely would get it to try it. :)