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    Release 6 ( V2): **************** Complete re-write has made Traffic Cam now about 14x Faster than the last version. Quick load time. Added more states and cameras. We now have most Major Metropolitan Areas of the US. List of Locations: http://trafficcam.mobi/locs.php Release 5: **************** Added London(UK) & Sydney(Australia), Utah, Idaho & Louisiana Cameras. Release 4: **************** Added ability to Save a start location. Added couple minor bug fixes. Added 1 major bug fix for PA cameras. Release 3: **************** Added Background Task to update Fresh new Cams from the last displayed cameras. Cycles through 5 random cameras from the last location and updates every 15 minutes even when the app is not open. Release 2: **************** Added Oregon Data & Cam Display on Search.

Traffic Cam

View Live Traffic cameras from most of US, Canada, London(UK), Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Berlin etc... ( We regularly update our database with new Camera Locations. You may check available states or countries by going to http://trafficcam.mobi/locs.php ). Over 15,000 in number (at the time of this release and growing everyday) along with Traffic incidents and flow. You can SEE the traffic and not just rely on Radio and other traffic report. Ability to Share Individual Cameras. Search Addresses for Cameras, Click camera icons on Map to view more details, Double click any displayed camera for larger view, Live tile support for cams in a 2 mile radius of current location or search area. The Live Tile will display 5 random cams from the last displayed area even when the app is not active. Ability to Save a Start location rather than having to start with the current location on every app start. 23 US States, London (UK) and Sydney(Australia) traffic cameras only at this time. Adding new locations every week.


  • Sharable Live Traffic Images
  • Traffic Flow Information (Most Countries)
  • Traffic Incident Reports
  • Live Tile of Live Traffic Pics (Auto Update of last searched cameras coming soon in the next update)
  • Search for a specific address to search for cameras in a 2 Mile Radius.
  • Drag location icon and drop anywhere in the app to see cameras in a 2 mile radius of that location
  • Search from anywhere even when the App is not open.
  • Live Tile will cycle through randomly and display cams when app is open
  • Live Tile will display 5 random cams (Last location searched/displayed) in 15 minutes intervals when app is not open
  • Ability to Save a Start location (Default is Current location)
  • Share the App link or Share individual Cameras

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18 June 2015

Traffic Cam's not loading..


14 May 2015

stopped working a couple weeks ago, tried reinstall, still not working.


21 April 2015

This App does not show traffic cameras anymore


14 January 2015

NOT A GOOD APP. AT ALL !! Great idea though, even when I searched addresses on main roads, I got nothing. This app. is useless, but fix it & you'll probably even be able to charge for this app.


24 August 2014

I 40 I would like to see the hwy


9 May 2014

The picture is rather small and hard to see and the cameras aren't identified so it's hard to tell what you are looking at. Also the green lines cover up the street names making it difficult to see where you are on the map.


29 April 2014

I would give a 0 stars but that's not possible!


18 March 2014

Please help the camera view will not load when i click it please help.


22 February 2014

Really awesome


13 February 2014

Location switched to another state and I cannot find Permission setting in the PC Settings to change it back to my state

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