Train Dominoes

Free 2 reviews By installing you agree to the Terms of Use and other terms install Publisher Sakcast Download size 4 MB Last updated 12/8/2014 Version Works with Windows Phone 8.1 App requires internet connection HD720P (720x1280) WVGA (480x800) WXGA (768x1280) What's this? Supported languages (1) English (United States) Download and install manually Learn more Train dominoes is based on my families version of Mexican Train Dominoes (also known as Chicken Foot). Generally these two are the same but this version has more simplified, rigid rules. For those of whom do not know, Train Dominoes is played with hands of 7 dominoes. Players take turns playing dominoes where matching permits, on what is referred to as a train. There is one Public train on which any player can play. There are also trains dedicated to each player. You may play on your own train at anytime, but can only play on other players trains when they fail to play a domino. The same applies to your train. If you are unable to play any domino you are permitted to draw a single domino and try to play that one. If you are unable to play the domino you drew you must pass and your train will open up to the other players. First one to get rid of their dominoes wins the round, the player with the lowest score at the end of the game wins.


  • Playable AI
  • Organizable Hand

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10 December 2014

Works good on a normal laptop