Trend Micro Security Center

Trend Micro™ Security Center delivers current information about malware outbreaks in your area, offering insights into dangerous websites and malicious file downloads to avoid near you. For Trend Micro™ Titanium™ customers, it also provides up-to date information about your protection status. Surf the web knowing your protection is current and what sites to avoid with Trend Micro Security Center.


  • Illustrates the origin of threats blocked by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network in real time.
  • Keeps you updated about the version of Trend Micro Titanium installed on your PC or tablet, letting you know about your subscription and protection status.

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4 August 2015

trend is quick to sound the alarm, protecting me and my pc,,,so thankful for this system,,,however, pop ups come thick thick and fast,,,would much like to resolve that! Thank you kindly for this opportunity!


18 March 2015



25 February 2015

All this app does is show you a long list of dangerous possiblities and geographic stats


22 October 2014

I have had numerous attempts on my PC and found that Trend was able to stop them before any info was lost. Hats off to Trend!!! I love this app!


17 August 2014

When I obtained my Dell Lap Top, it came with the trend micro soft security center, I am so glad I have Trend, the security center protect my files from identity theft, spyware and all virus. I strongly recommend Trend for Lap Tops and Desk Top protection.


6 August 2014

I love this security it is the best ever I would recommend this to all of my friends


29 July 2014



23 July 2014

Trend Micro Company by far has put the revolution of cyber attacks at a much more versed assimilation to better the content and condensing needed vector control in order to comprehend and evaluate it's destruction and causes that accumulate for a slower interface that results in an orderly constructed computer free of used material that is extracted depending on the size od quality renewmeration. Steven James Adlawan rmitw@AIU&VC 7/23/2014


4 May 2014

will not update


21 April 2014


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