Trice - Time Tracker

Trice – work time tracking and analyzing app. Keep track of working time, revenue and received payments. This app fits perfectly for freelancers, hourly workers and for all those who want to convert their time into revenue. ★ Intelligible way to track billable hours. Let yourself to know how much time is actually spent on particular tasks and projects. Analyze working hours by clients, projects and tasks with intelligible reports to make right decisions. You can set hourly rates and keep track of project proceeds. Generate and send a Work Completion Report for selected period by projects, jobs and dates as PDF to client or employer. The report can be used as completed work confirmation, billing and invoicing, timesheet filling out. You can track the projects simultaneously. ★ Payment tracking Keep track of received payments, generate payment and outstanding balances reports. You can generate and send a report to client for reconciliation of settlements. ★ Actual data in one app Trice is a handy tool for freelance professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs for time management, tracking and analyzing in one app. You can attach to the project necessary documents and scans to be on the go. Time log and payments can be exported to the files. Features: → hours worked calculator; → simultaneous tracking of tasks (multiple work timers); → work log with manual adding of time record; → payment log; → flexible system of hourly rates for billable projects; → intelligible reports; → project’s scans and documents as attachments; → adapted for use on tablets; There is no advertising and registration in app. Just install our time keeper app and follow the instructions to start. Trice is a freemium and has the limit. You can track only 2 active projects. You can get paid plan PRO or STANDARD for access to all features (onetime payment). For news and support, join us: Facebook: