UBudget is a useful manager for your personal finances that allows you to store the transaction information in a secure database. UBudget app is able to store transactions for different accounts and categories and to export the data to CSV files. Note : Default Password for the application is "pwd".


  • Add income and expenses fast and easy
  • Multiple accounts
  • Multiple categories
  • Insightful charts and reports
  • Security
  • Export to CSV
  • Data backup and restore
  • Recurring transactions
  • Support: info@vennag.com

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9 January 2014

Need something to say how you paid. If you paid by credit card, add name of card or bank account, then totally up your credit card to have a paid/not paid check


26 October 2013

One of the best app for budget


30 September 2013

It is not a budget if you can't say how much you are allotting for each category. This is just a fancy income and expense app. Not for budgeters


12 September 2013

Installed, it has a password that isn't mine and never asked me to set one up. Won't let me use. Terrible app!!


29 August 2013

Asked for my default password at startup, but I had not set one up so I couldn't log on. No option to set up a password....


26 August 2013

entered 4 data, opening 2nd day today, completely blank


25 August 2013

Just installed & doesn't work


12 August 2013

I installed the app and started inputting info but I had to guess how to do it. Simpler buttons would be helpful. The icons for the different expenses popped up and then I did something and they went away. Couldn't figure out how to get them back again. Too frustrating.


2 August 2013

nice budget app


23 July 2013

is okay does have some improvements that are needed financial figures provided, easier readability, still would recommend to friends though

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