United Airlines

This app brings the United Airlines website to Windows 8. Get convenient access to all of the site’s features plus the ability to launch the site from your app list and pin the tile to your Start screen. You can leverage all of the features of United.com to book travel, get boarding passes, plan vacations and more. Share special offers with friends and family, and pin favorite locations to your start screen.


  • Quick access to all features on United.com
  • Share deals and travel plans with the Windows 8 share charm
  • Pin favorite locations directly to your start screen

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22 August 2016

Useless. Just takes you to the United website. Ergo, useless. Can't view entertainment.


28 May 2016

I've never been compelled to write a review of any app... until now. I can't believe United has pushed this out without seemingly tested it. I installed it with the hope of watching in flight movies. First thing I notice is screen layout is not correct and some text overlays others. I hover over the checkbox to remember my login, but no change in cursor until I randomly move the cursor in the vicinity of the text. Next thing I try to bring up the menu items associated with 'Travel information', but moving the cursor to one of the submenu items immediately hides the list. I tried for 30 minutes while in flight to figure out how to access the movies without success. To top everything off, after landing and getting an internet connection, I clicked on the link to the right to send Site Feedback, and got a browser error because of some unknown file type that was trying to be opened. I can only assume the product wasn't well tested on a Surface Pro3


1 April 2016

Does not work with Microsoft Surface - waste of time


25 January 2016

This is not the app you would need to access in-flight services (movies, WiFi, etc.). Tip: Get an iProduct, go to iTunes, download their app, enjoy :o)


5 January 2016

This is a broken app even though it essentially mimics the United website. The hover tabs at the top disappear when trying to select a menu option. The app does not support United's in flight entertainment which means I cannot use my Windows tablet to access the entertainment options. United has really gone downhill since the Continental merger.


10 October 2015

Typical totally useless P.O.C. Forget using it with Win 8


21 September 2015

This is not an app. Please create a real app.


7 August 2015

All this does is launch united.com in a separate window.


28 July 2015

This is not an app. It's just a link to the website. Why would this even be put in the app store? Deleting as it's a waste of time and clearly I won't be able to utilize United's inflight wi-fi with my Surface. Very unfortunate.


15 July 2015

I thought, hey it's been a year since the last terrible comment, maybe the fixed/changed it... Nope, just a shortcut for the website. No movies for me.

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