Veggie Samurai MX

JOIN OVER 4 MILLION VEGGIE SAMURAI PLAYERS!! It's time to give veggies what they have had coming for years... Feel the power at your finger tips! Put your swordsman skills to the test as you use your fingers to slice and dice veggies of all shapes and sizes in Veggie Samurai. Veggie Samurai is an addictive, pickup-and-play action game that puts you in the heart of all-out veggie carnage. ****** 6 DISTINCT GAME MODES ****** --- Samurai Mode - 3 Lives. No time limit. Avoid dropping veggies. Avoid poison vials. --- Harmony Mode - Time based. No poison. No lives. More action. More combos. --- Chaos Mode - All Out veggie smack-down. 3x the pace. --- Sort Mode - Selective slicing. Only the chosen veggie shall pass. --- Match Mode - Frenzied action. Spot the matches. Slice combos. Use the "Wild Pepper". HUGE combo sizes. --- Training Mode - Free play. No time limit. No hazards. ****** FEATURES ****** --- Slicing AND Dicing allows you to cut up veggies multiple times (some veggies can be diced a surprising number of times...) --- Watch your score skyrocket as you perform Slice Combos, Multi-Dice Combos, Dice Chains, Pea Killers, Onion Blossoms, and more! --- Score big bonus points with Rare MEGA VEGGIES that can be triggered by figuring out the secret, in-game prerequisites --- Keep your eyes peeled and score big points with the rare bonus veggies! --- 32 Achievements and counting… (as if dicing veggies to bits wasn’t enough) Now go out and prove your worth as a VEGGIE SAMURAI… Veggie Samurai is in no way associated with Halfbrick Studios and/or the game Fruit Ninja.


  • Slicing and dicing gameplay

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21 April 2013

So much fun! Much more fun than Fruit Ninja


23 March 2013

make it free its not worth the cost and the trial doesn't last that long you should just make a free version and a paid version and a trial that lasts less than a week


21 March 2013

I am currently using the Sony Vaio Duo 11 w/Core i7 processor and this game has horrible lag and slow down. Then sometimes I will be slicing a veggie on the far left side of the screen and SOMEHOW the poison bottle on the opposite side of the screen gets sliced! Then to top it off there are times when my slices do not register. Thank God I just chose to try and not buy!