Video cources for CorelDraw Eng.Part 1

New video course is one of the most recognized and available graphic vector editors — CorelDRAW. Throughout the course you will be able to learn all the principles, features and secrets of the program. The most important thing is your desire! Do you have a desire? So go for it! Table Of Contents: DVD 1: Lesson 1. Introduction Lesson 2. Creation of a new document Lesson 3. Keyboard shortcuts Lesson 4. Undo function Lesson 5. Worksheet navigation Lesson 6. Scale 1:1 Lesson 7. Modular grid Lesson 8. Templates Lesson 9. Default settings Lesson 10. Import and export with Adobe Illustrator Lesson 11. Import and export with Adobe Photoshop. Work with layers Lesson 12. Preparation for the printing trade Lesson 13. Menu View Lesson 14. Pick tool Lesson 15. Shape tool Lesson 16. Drawing curves Lesson 17. Bezier tool Lesson 18. Curve smoothing Lesson 19. Join Curves Lesson 20. Creation of an arrowhead DVD 2: Lesson 21. Crop tool group Lesson 22. Parallel dimension tool group Lesson 23. Connector tool group Lesson 24. Basic shapes Lesson 25. Object transformation Lesson 26. Creation of an object from several shapes Lesson 27. Alignment and Distribution Lesson 28. Step and Repeat Lesson 29. Objects' overlaying Lesson 30. Uniform fill Lesson 31. Linear fill Lesson 32. Vector Pattern fill Lesson 33. Bitmap Pattern fill Lesson 34. Two-color Pattern fill Lesson 35. Texture fill Lesson 36. Post Script Fill Lesson 37. Smart fill Lesson 38. Mixing of colors Lesson 39. Creation of a palette Lesson 40. Color styles


  • The opportunity to study at any convenient time.
  • No advertising.
  • 40 lessons of 120.
  • 2 of 6 DVDs.
  • Step by step learning from simple to complex!
  • Quick and easy study of the program CorelDraw.
  • Interesting theory.
  • A simple understanding of CorelDraw.
  • Current Information.
  • Professional lessons.
  • Professional lessons.
  • The most comprehensive course on CorelDraw.
  • Author feedback.
  • Video course of the new generation.
  • You will learn how to create collages.
  • You will learn how to create Game Interfaces.
  • High quality Full HD video.

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4 February 2016

Absolutely terrible. Training was not organized. For $59 dollars stay clear!!!