Vikings! Tower Defense

Vikings! Tower Defense lets you take control of the Celts and repel the encroaching horde from both the sea and land. Bright, inviting graphics and animation as well as intuitive mechanics reveal a fiendish, hectic game of strategy. Players must gather money and place characterful units such as the hefty Caber Tosser and even Nessie herself to win and triumph over the Viking menace. Credits: Production: Gregor Manby Design: Paul Andrew Mcgee Art: Sam Gross, Kristian Francis, Rosie Henderson, Chris Dodds, Steven Boyle Code: Elías Lozada-Benavente, Stephen Lingham


  • Vikings!
  • Celts!
  • Long boats
  • Infinite waves of challenge.
  • Lots and lots of shiny gems.
  • The loch ness monster!

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12 January 2014

this app does not work! it loads the start screen with no options on the screen, only 1.50 but still!


25 May 2013

Gee, I'd like to comment on the gameplay but the game won't start and emails to the company requesting support have been ignored. Wotta gyp.


12 March 2013

It has five star potential but lets see a few more maps eh?


16 February 2013

Still looking for a great tower defense game. This one doesn't give you time to set up your defenses before sending wave after wave after wave after wave, which makes it much less fun.