Violet Storm Lite

...Some games have a story to tell. Others make you think to get through a series of complicated puzzles. Violet Storm doesn't have any of that. What is does have is pure, intense, unabashedly over-the-top, non-stop action - rendered in fantastic glowing-neon style with fast-paced techno music in the background. It also has enemies - and plenty of them. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and all are coming for you, one way or another, in an infinite series of increasingly challenging waves to repel. To help you do that, we've included some fittingly over-the-top weapons. Take, for instance, a super-multi-laser bomb, which, when it explodes, shoots thirty-two rotating laser rays in all directions, destroying everything in its path. Or a five-way, triple-bullet blaster firing at an insane 1,000 rounds per second. Or a fast, triple-barrel homing missile launcher, which not only creates a spectacular show of blue trails, but also destroys anyone trying to even get close (or not so close) to you. And the most surprisingly satisfying part? The enemies explode into lots and lots of pieces with the sound of shattering glass, which somehow irresistibly draws you in to keep going and going until no more hitpoints are left. Don't miss all the mayhem - download Violet Storm right now and join the fun!


  • Insanely fast-paced, action-packed, over-the-top combat
  • 25 different enemy and 10 weapon system types!
  • Quad-damage, invincibility , mega-laser-bomb powerups (and more!)
  • 3 different gameplay modes, including Speed Havoc and Sniper Mode
  • Infinite waves of varying and increasingly powerful enemies
  • Fantastic futuristic design and graphics
  • Fast-paced, energizing background music
  • Autosave so you never lose your progress
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Local and global high scores

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3 March 2015

i got this game a long time ago on my surface. me and my big brother loved we played it were 1 person would shoot the other would steer we loved playing such a good game it would be better if they added a shop and a points system 1 kill 2 points or 1 kill 1 point that would make even better but still great game.


11 August 2014

I loaded up the game and I cannot select an option on the main menu with either the mouse or touch. My computer is the Dell Precision M3800.


17 March 2014

画面只显示一部分,无法操控,我用的是win8.1 竖屏状态


7 January 2014

Game will not even allow you to start a game to play.


16 December 2013

Ditto, Looks sweet though?


15 September 2013

So after playing with this for a while, I discovered that the controls do work on the Surface Pro, its just they are way broken. Try this, open your surface and try pressing a button. Didn't work did it. Okay, now try dragging your finger around the screen and look for the buttons to change. Turns out the buttons are all off where they should be. Bonus round, even if you get a game going, it doesn't support multi-touch ;) Maybe they'll fix this...


30 July 2013

It works on surface its just that there is a deviation of the mouse (for me it is ~2in left and 1 up) makes the game difficult but not impossible


2 June 2013

Does not even open up to play please fix


1 May 2013

On Surface Pro, tried keyboard, mouse, and X360 controller. Can't select anything to start playing from the menu. DOA


28 April 2013

Fix it please!

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