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    1.7 - interface lighten - bug fixes 1.6 - Added artist page - Added album page - Authization improved - Fixed error when having no playlists - Small improvements and bugfixes 1.5.2 - Fixed Form creating error - Authorization optimized 1.5.1 - optimized memory usage 1.5 - fixed timezone for last.fm scrobbling 1.4.1 - fixed authorization bug for vk.com - fixed authorization bug for last.fm 1.4 - last.fm scrobbling - windows 8 search - fixed problem with empy files in cache - fixed problem during settings saving 1.3 - Playlists (albums) - Groups music - Improved loading similar songs - Volume now is maximum at defaults (was 0) - Redesigned notifications and tiles - Added settings - Broadcasting music to status - Showing notification is now optional 1.2 - Important (!) Fixed bug with infinity load in case user doesn't have audios - Track list in snapped view - Smooth changing of covers - Caching of songs - Changed view of notifications and tiles - Button pressed effect - Fixed bug with language changing - Image compressing - Bug fixes

Vk CloudMusic

Listen to your favourite songs freely with a music player for VK.com! Important! If you dont have sound and you have ATI videocard, uninstall videocard driver and install it with the help of Windows. Please email to support , if you have any problems. All wishes, suggestions and remarks are being read! We will be happy to hear new ideas! Planned features: - popular songs - optimizations - advanced cache - offline mode


  • listen to your music online
  • registration of new users
  • name and cover of album
  • songs rating
  • last.fm integration (scrobbling and media data)
  • multimedia buttons support
  • notifications about playing song
  • searching songs online, among your friends and in your playlist
  • song lyrics
  • songs sorting

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14 August 2015

You should fix the displaying current length of song. Do you suppose that songs cannot be longer than one hour? :)


13 June 2014

куда сохраняется скачанная музыка? неужели это так сложно написать в описании?


15 March 2014

Отличное приложение. Работает стабильно. Нравится как ищет песни по исполнителям и альбомам. Единственный минус цветовая гамма, серый вместо голубого было бы просто супер.


29 January 2014

Спасибо за качественное приложение. Дизайн, работа на высоте ) Добавьте еще пожалуйста кнопку "Добавить" в узком режиме


17 January 2014

The best VK music app I've met so far. Basic functions fulfilled with extreme simplicity and combined in what seems like the best way possible. Nicely done, you have my gratitude.


17 October 2013



27 September 2013

Очень лёгенький клиент, удобный, хоть и неказистый интерфейс, ничего особенного - то что нужно. Единственное - не работает нормально поиск. Я уже все клиенты в магазине попробовал и только в одном нормально работает поиск, во всех остальных на запрос показывает какой-то мусор, вместо того, что ищешь. И тут тоже.


1 September 2013

very G


2 June 2013

Thank you, developers, this app is very cool, but I found some defects: firstly, I had problems with logging in (now I don't see them). And, secondly, there's problem with scrobbling. Hope you'll improve it:)


22 May 2013

Большое спасибо разработчикам за такое классное, а к тому же бесплатное приложение! :)

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