vOffice is a project management solution built upon a project/task/time based system. Looking for a way to keep track of all the projects you may be working on? Use tasks to record progress as you finish each step. Are you a freelancer looking for a time management solution? Record your times for each task, then generate an invoice with the click of a button. This is a portable solution to your project management needs. Install the app on all of your Windows devices and your projects, tasks, and times will migrate with you. The Live Tile will update with an overview of your workload, giving you insight on how many active tasks you have left on your plate. And, when the day is done, vOffice will even generate an invoice of tasks completed with support for hourly wage, dates, reference numbers, and formats.


  • Manage your work in a streamlined project/task/time based system.
  • Mark tasks as completed to keep track of what you finish.
  • Generate invoices into multiple formats.
  • Live Tile gives you a quick glimpse into your workload.
  • Take your projects and tasks wherever you go. They are tied to your Microsoft account!

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8 September 2014

I would not recommend this product.


7 March 2013

There needs to be different font sizes, thumbnails, different colors, etc. Everything is the same font and size which makes it inefficient for "quick glance" reference. Project titles and tasks are not easy distinguishable. It's even hard to differentiate between complete and not complete tasks. This app is not as helpful as I would have liked.


6 February 2013

I am a Chief for 3 sections within an organization and I am trying to merge and keep track of all the associated activities. This software is so simple that it is slick looking. It really makes it look like there is so much going on, but I still feel like I have a grasp on everything. Love this app, thanks.


24 January 2013

I was recommended by a friend for this app. It is really good.